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Dont know what to study? Topic: Study cases in business
May 26, 2019 / By Delphia
Question: Hello All, I am 22 years old woman and I have been in college since 2003. I make good grades and I have a 3.83 gpa. I enjoy learning, but I do have a problem. I don't know what to study. I changed majors several times from healthcare to business. Why cant I settle on anything? My ultimate dream is to take care of my family as an at-home mother and wife. I am not lazy as that job requires a lot of work, despite what people want to believe. I rather work 24 hour days for my family then work at 40 hours out for a business. Being an at-home mom and wife is my only passion, even though it seems like ancient thinking. I am engaged with no children. Should a degree be worth purposing just in case my family may need extra income ? If so, what should I do to find what I want to study for college? Thanks for anyone who answers.
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Caetlin Caetlin | 5 days ago
Definitely. The world always needs educated people whether they choose to work or not. Art majors are always seem fun or maybe international business. My mom has always told me to think about what you loved doing when you were a kid, and follow it. Like if you loved having lemonade stands, consider a major in entrepreneurship. The sky is the limit really. Don't limit yourself. Plus, where would the world be without mothers? =] Best of luck.
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Caetlin Originally Answered: I need help! I want to go abroad and cant pay for it! I dont want to stay and study at a local institute?
welcome to the issues of being closer to grown-up these kind of adversities are things people simply have to deal with when you can't move the mountain (afford big name uni or out of country school) and you can't go through the mountain (can't pass the test or have the grades, etc.. to get scholarship) then you go around it there is not one reason that you can't go to a local community college to get your core classes. the first two years of college are those classes... you can make excellent grades & work towards your larger goal build from that and find a school that has study-abroad options apply for FAFSA, using FAFSA at an in-state community college will ensure that tuition & other expenses are covered you could work while in school & save money to go some other place (or to help your parents out) I know many students who work full-time jobs while going to school full-time... it really can be done.. it takes 100% of your time, it will negate your social life... it takes real commitment, but it can be done just because you have to move to the left or the right doesn't mean you ever have to "take your eyes off the prize" EDIT TO ADD: This is a link to FAFSA.... if you are in the US it will be helpful http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ If you are not in the US... then contact a low-cost (here it is called Community College) college near you & speak to someone in Financial Aid to see if they can point you in the right direction
Caetlin Originally Answered: I need help! I want to go abroad and cant pay for it! I dont want to stay and study at a local institute?
Can you not take out student loans to help finance your education? Your parents (or a school) need to be the ones educating your siblings, not you. It's admirable that you help, it really is, but you need to be able to focus on YOU first and foremost. FAFSA is an American financial aid thing that doesn't apply to you, but I'm pretty sure there are loans available in the UK? Your grades may not be good enough for a top school, but you can still get a good education! Hang in there!
Caetlin Originally Answered: I need help! I want to go abroad and cant pay for it! I dont want to stay and study at a local institute?
You are sacrificing such a lot for this boy. Is he sacrificing in a similar way for him? Tell him you'll speak to him provided that he is taking counseling from a psychiatrist. You can speak on skype from overseas free of charge.

Almah Almah
actually,you are still young...you should continue your studies..follow your heart..if you think that is wat you like..then,go ahead..for example, accounting,business management, administration,physiotherapy...and many more...furthermore,your results are not bad!only think of family after you success in your studies..you should not depends everything in your partner.if you continue your studies,you can be a better mother and wife. you hav knowledge to teach your children and you will not look down by others... think about it,ok?woman should hav own career and dun depends on others...
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Almah Originally Answered: I dont want to study hard because i think studying really hard takes away creativity is this reasonable?
There are many different methods of studying, but still several people believe that studying must be a chore to be effective. Reading without synthesizing thoughts or memorizing words or formulas instead of concepts are the most difficult, the most boring, and the least effective. I've had students who composed rap music emphasizing scientific principles, sang songs, exercised, drew pictures and tried to ask "what if" questions. Logic can also be very creative. (e.g., why do most nocturnal animals lack color vision?). Math and physics I found similar to playing a musical instrument. You can't "read and memorize" the piano music and expect to perform well at a recital -- you have to involve body expression. Play with equations every day. Draw cartoons of spacemen falling into the sun. There are lots of websites on different ways to study, for different types of people, different courses, and different types of tests. Several of them have individual tests you can take to assess your strongest study method. Have fun finding them! In the long run, though, don't just cram a bunch of info in your brain and spew it out at the end of the term -- play with the knowledge every day like a puppy.
Almah Originally Answered: I dont want to study hard because i think studying really hard takes away creativity is this reasonable?
Studying really hard doesn't make you less creative. It just makes you more mentally exhausted. In all honesty, most of the smartest people don't study hard; they study smart. That means that they study only what they need to know and what they feel they don't know. If you know a subject extremely well, there isn't much point in studying in the first place. Not to mention that creativity can be a huge part of studying. Remember how they teach you to come up with little sayings and abbreviations to remember terms? All part of creativity.

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