Do you think this is good enough to get into ucla?

Do you think this is good enough to get into ucla? Topic: Washington university in st louis admissions
May 26, 2019 / By Delphine
Question: I am currently a sophmore in high school (I know it is a little bit too early to be asking this) I am african american, moms a ucla alum. Live in St. louis, missouri. 3.95 gpa cummulative (2 freshman semesters).Class rank: 2 out of 89. I play football and did track (I dont think I will do it this year). Taking 2 honors classes :P. Do volunteer hours at the veterans affairs hospital in St louis, and also during the summer I work as a volunteer at my local library. I was chosen for a Washington University in st. louis youth medical program called ferring scholars (I dont know if I will be advancing to the next part in the program, but I got through the beginning). I am in a club called the brotherhood which is sort of like a leadership club. I am planning on shadowing a dentist or orthodontist soon. National Honors Society when im a junior hopefully, and when I turn 16 I will get a job as a lifeguard.If I keep this up, do you think I will have a good shot at getting in? What do I need to work on? Any other things I should take into consideration?
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Cailyn Cailyn | 7 days ago
Ethnicity and legacy (your mom being an alum) do not play a role in UC admission decisions. UC admission evaluation is based on a variety of factors. All UCs favor factors such as the rigor of your HS curriculum (number of UC-approved honors/AP/IB/CC courses completed), excellent weighted and unweighted GPA, and demonstrated leadership abilities. You are also compared to your peers, meaning your academic and extracurricular achievements are viewed in context of students in your HS who applied to the UCs this year and up to 3 years prior. UCLA is academic achievement oriented, meaning fantastic grades and stellar test scores are essential to be competitive. Students who demonstrate ability to achieve extraordinary extracurriculars and/or overcoming horrible hardships while maintaining excellent academic achievement are favored. However, these UC campuses rarely overlook bad grades/test scores even if extraordinary extracurriculars and/or horrible hardships are in the equation.
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Cailyn Originally Answered: Will volunteering at the UCLA Medical Center increase my chances for getting into UCLA?
Do enough volunteer work to join NHS. Any more has extremely diminishing returns to hours expended. No one expects a high school student to put in a ton of volunteer hours. There are other activities that yield a much higher return to hours expended. Admissions likes well rounded students who show leadership potential in their activities. Get involved in one or two athletic and non athletic main stream extracurricular activities and stay involved throughout high school. Try to earn leadership positions in the activities. UC admissions are essentially based on GPA and Test scores with a sliding scale depending on the API of the high school. The rest of the application- personal statement, extracurriculars etc- gives the two readers information of the proper context to consider the Gpa and test scores of applicants from non homogeneous high schools when scoring the application 1-5, or really 1-4 since 5 means the applicant did not meet minimum stated UC admission standards. 1 is the best score. As long as the two readers scores do not differ by more than +1, the scores are averaged. If there is more than a +1 difference, a senior reader who is a full time employee scores the application. There are no set standards for scoring an application 1-4. It is totally subjective. Relatively uncompetitive low API High Schools, with API ranks of 1-4, require a lower Gpa and much lower Sat/Act scores for the application to receive a 1 or 2 which means admission than applications from students at more competitive, higher API Schools. At "School Reports" tab, find California high school to view academic profile of students enrolled at UCLA and other UC's. http://statfinder.ucop.edu/ Good Luck!
Cailyn Originally Answered: Will volunteering at the UCLA Medical Center increase my chances for getting into UCLA?
you haven't any longer have been given undesirable grades for somebody in 10th gd proceed taking basically honors and ap instructions on no account take under the optimum variety of sophistication provided till your aside of artwork examine application get a job or intern working under 40 hours each and every week make a resume build some relationships with instructors and ask for letters of advice shop taking the sat persist with as early as as achievable you will get favourite im a hs senior this 12 months. if i ought to bypass back in time those could be the failings i'd say to myself

Alphonsine Alphonsine
ya read the following The University of California, Los Angeles (generally known as UCLA) is a research university located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. It was founded in 1919 and is the second-oldest general-purpose campus in the University of California system. UCLA is comprised of the College of Letters and Science (the primary undergraduate college) as well as undergraduate colleges Arts and Architecture, Herb Alpert School of Music, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, Nursing, and Theater, Film, and Television, seven professional schools, and five professional Health Science schools. Since 2001, UCLA has enrolled over 33,000 total students annually.[5][8] UCLA is ranked 2nd nationally by The Washington Monthly, 12th in Newsweek's Top 100 Global universities ranking.[9] In 2007 and 13th in the world (11th in North America) by Top 500 World Universities, an annual list published by the Institute of Higher Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.[10] UCLA's undergraduate program is ranked 24th among "America's Best Colleges 2010: National Universities" by U.S. News & World Report, second among public universities in the United States.[11][12] UCLA is a new Ivy according to the 25 New Ivies, a list of universities ranked by Newsweek.[13] UCLA also ranks among the top 10 schools in the country with the most faculty awards.[14] UCLA has more applicants than any other university in the United States.[15][16][17] Out of 55,676 undergraduate applicants for Fall 2009, 12,098 (21.73%) were admitted, the lowest acceptance rate in the UC system.[18][19] Students come to UCLA from all 50 states and more than 100 countries, though according to statistics from 2001-05, an average 92.6% of the entire student body originated from California.[5][8] As of January 23, 2009, 55,636 applications had been received by UCLA for the academic year.[20] UCLA's athletic teams, the Bruins, have won 125 national championships, including 104 NCAA team championships as of 2009, which is more than any other university.[21] On May 31, 2008, the men's golf team won UCLA's 103rd NCAA title. On May 10, 2009, the women's water polo team won its fifth consecutive NCAA title, and UCLA's 104th overall, by defeating crosstown rival USC.[21] In 2006, the university completed Campaign UCLA, which collected over $3.05 billion and is the most successful fundraising campaign in the history of higher education.[22] In 2008, UCLA raised over $456 million, ranking the institution among the top 10 universities in the United States in total fundraising for the year.[23]
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Van Van
Everything sounds good. Have you done your SAT's?? Remember to win them over with your personal statement
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Van Originally Answered: Can i get into ucla or usc with this?
um, you seem to have a better chance of getting into USC than into UCLA. Only because UCLA care more about SAT scores and GPA while USC would let you go with a lower SAT score if you can make it up with extracurricular activities. For both schools, you definitely need 2000+ on your SATs. For UCLA it would need to be higher than that. On the safe side, you should probably consider both reach schools. I know many people who went to USC and they had mediocre SAT scores and lower GPA than you. but they always had some strong essay and extracurricular. UCLA on the other hand, uses a point system to accept people so they would only look past SAT scores and GPA in very special circumstances.

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