How bad could this end up being?

How bad could this end up being? Topic: Test case scenarios
July 20, 2019 / By Demetria
Question: So I had previously posted a question about my dog, But I took her to the vet and they said they needed to keep her to run test because they didn't know what was wrong her. Here is what was going on: She had horrible diarrhea and then she got better and last night it came back with strong! She was basically exploding poop! This morning she was almost lifeless just laying there, she drank some water but no food and went poo a lot! So I took her to the vet and they said they wanted to keep her over night to see what was wrong with her but when I called to check up on her they told me that she had low protein in her blood and high white blood cells, they said she had some liver damage and that she had a virus. They then told me to call back in the AM to see how her progress is. So my question is from what I have written what are the chances of a recovery? Please someone tell me all that you can because I have been a mess all day and today is my birthday and I cant take anymore horrid surprises I want to be prepared in case the horrible awful! Thank you! Thank you guys! and yes someone on here may be a vet. Im asking for peoples experience as well though.
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Calantha Calantha | 9 days ago
Worse case scenario would be cancer as it produces a high white cell count. On the other hand simple infections also raise the white cell count. Sorry, you know we will all be guessing here. I don't know if that makes it better for you or worse :( All I can say is I hope it's a simple infection and the liver has not been damaged permanently. Might be a good idea to research the flea and heart worm meds you use. Sometimes, particular ones will cause liver damage.
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Alvena Alvena
Wouldn't life be wonderful if all that ever happened were great things. You take the bad with the good and you survive. If whatever your dog has was caught in time your vet can probably fix it. Some things are fatal and some aren't. Until you get a diagnosis, all the worry in the world won't fix anything. Happy Birthday.
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Vere Vere
Nobody here is a vet - why wouldnt you ask your vet this question - some of us have a great deal of dog experiece but to think we can know more than your vet is not so - call and ask them -
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Ronald Ronald
Your dog will have to have IV fluids to catch up. And some IV antibiotics, I think. Then ask again about her chances.
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