Help me convince my mom to let me get a ferret?

Help me convince my mom to let me get a ferret? Topic: How to do a research powerpoint
July 20, 2019 / By Deni
Question: Okay well, my mom is the typical mom. She won't let me get a ferret because of the smell and price. I have enough of my own money to get a ferret! 585 dollars and I'm not stupid. I did my hours of research and I have the needed 4 hours a day to take care of my ferret. It's just the smell... I'm perfectly fine but what do I say to her when she asks about the smell? I'm in love with ferrets and ride my bike to the pet store to go visit them and the other animals almost every day. Sometimes with friends! I have made a huge power point thing with facts I collected from books and the internet. I have had birds, bunnies, lizards, frogs, fish, mice, hamsters, and taken care of so many of the animals around my neighborhood. That's how I earned my money, and I will continue to do so because of the vet bills and toys they need. Back to the point, I've convinced my mom to let me get the small animals but I have always wanted a ferret! A medium sized pet. I'm pretty sure my mom is sofening (However you spell that) up to them. I showed her my powerpoint, told her about how id pay for him, and I brought her to the pet store and she saw how friendly they were when I was holding them. I don't keep pestering and begging her about getting one, that would just get me grounded. Yes, grounded for begging. Any answer is a good one! Thanks so much!
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Caleigh Caleigh | 2 days ago
apparently neutering your ferret will stop the smell, also you can train your ferret to go in them little litter boxs so if you changed that twice daily it should keep the smells at bay hope this helps..... oh also get a jill (female) the dont have such strong smelling urine as the hobs
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Caleigh Originally Answered: What store can i get a ferret from?
well most petstores get the in at one point or another but some of them only get them in not very often, call around that would be your best bet. if there is a d&d exotics around i am 99% sure they sell them. petsmart might sell them. price for a ferret rang anywhere from $150-$280 depending on age and the store. cages (if you plan to keep them in a cage and if not you should get a small one for just incase) prices depend on size. you should get a faairly big one, i recomend one with tubes but they dont need them. also you should get a steel cage. they are regularly 200-300 dollars. a small cage which they should not be kept in full time i cant tell you price but it would be less money then the big. also some sort of carrier, more then one if you want. you can get a cat or dog carrier which would be 20-40 or you can get a ferret carrier that is about 20-40 or you can get a ferret back pack which would be 20-40 as well. they will need 1 or 2 hamocks and those can be 20-40 dollars, they will need a water bottle and again price depends on size. food bowl, should be heavy and not to big, these are little things that wont cost much. they need a litter box of some sort store bought or homemade, they will need litter and they will need food. you can feed them ferret food or dog food or cat food. dog and cat food need to be a meat selection because they are meat eaters. ferret food will cost more. then there are toys, big balls and wheels for them will cost 20-40 dollars and small toys like balls and cat toys will be 1-10 dolars. also you should get them a ground tube (if you plan to take them out of the cage which i HIGHLY recommend or you may get an unhappy ferret) which is prob about 40, you can also get plush cubies that range from 20-40 dollars as well. so what it comes down to is the ferret is 150-280, cage would be 200-300 unless small then they would be like 80, a carrier which would be 20-40, toys (depending on how much you get) 40-80, hamocks water and food bowls 20-40, and food and litter you have to buy reguarly. please now i am canadian so i am speaking from prices in ontario.

Alycia Alycia
tell your mom all about the exciting and significant issues ferrets have performed for guy variety. which incorporates Alfert Feinstein, who developed the idea of relativity. you may also aspect out e.e. furrings, who's likely the appropriate poet ever considered. be particular you steer faraway from demonizing your lengthy, bushy acquaintances. regardless of you do, do not aspect out count number Fracula or Adolt Fitler.
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Verne Verne
the stink factor is a valid argument. it's be disgusting to come home to a place that smells. you need to wait until you're old enough to get your own place so that you're not imposing on your mother. why don't you go see if you can become a docent at the zoo or something?
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Rorie Rorie
Keep up what you are doing! This is very responsible and I'm pretty sure that your mom will soften up soon. Good luck!
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Rorie Originally Answered: How do i raise a ferret?
Do NOT get this ferret. You clearly don't have a clue about them and you're getting one in THREE DAYS?? Buy the book Ferrets For Dummies and read it cover to cover. Can you smoke around it? NO. And ridiculous you'd ask that. Smoke isn't good for your lungs imagine it would affect a 2-3 pound animal! If you're going to get a ferret - quit smoking - for your health and the ferret's. Cooked or raw meat? Yes you can give ferrets chicken but don't make this their regular diet. Feed the ferret a commercial food that includes all the nutrients and supplements that comprises a healthy diet. Food should be at least 45% protein. Marshall's Food - horrible - made with herring and it'll make your ferret reek. Good foods: 8 in 1 Ultimate Crunchy Diet, Totally Ferret for Active and Show Ferrets. Great foods: Petcurean Go! Natural, Innova Evo (cat or ferret formula), Blue Buffalo Wilderness. All of these are 45-50% meat-based protein and grain free. Where do they hide? They like dark closets, drawers. READ THE BOOK about ferret proofing and do not let the ferret into any room that you haven't gotten DOWN ON THE FLOOR to make sure there are no spots it can get into. Block the ferret access to the kitchen, bathroom and utility room. Far too many hazards in these rooms. If you have a recliner GET RID OF IT - your ferret will get killed inside of it. And if you have sofas or loveseats you really should get rid of them as well and get a futon that the ferret can't get inside. One of my first ferrets lost an eye when he caught it on one of those large furniture staples inside a sofa. Ever since then I've only had futons. No, they can not open doors. But they will dig at the floor by closed doors. Buy plastic carpet runners at Lowes or Home Depot and put by the doors to protect carpet. Hide cords? Ferrets are not rodents and not normally chewers like rats and rabbits are. But you should at least organize computer, printer, etc cords so it doesn't end up strangled or trapped. Milk? NO. Like cats ferrets are lactose intolerant. Again - IN THE BOOK! Air fresheners? Unnecessary. And yes - can make them sick. Scoop the litter DAILY and wash all bedding once a week to prevent odors. Again - IN THE BOOK! Products to clean? PetZyme from PetSmart is one I use. Works great. Also works on any "accidents" on the carpet. Again - please do NOT get this ferret until you've read "Ferrets For Dummies". Ferrets should NEVER be bought without fully researching their care and you've clearly got a LOT to learn. For example - are you aware that most vets don't treat ferrets? And that as ferrets age they're prone to a wide assortment of diseases? A ferret as young as two or three years old can start showing signs of Adrenal Disease, Lymphoma, Cardiomyopathy or Insulinoma. And sometimes more than one of these at once. Do you have a credit card with at least $1,000 credit available at all times? Or do you have that kind of cash available should you need it? If not - DO NOT get a ferret. Are you also aware that ferrets need several hours out of their cage EVERY DAY. They're not a pet that you just keep caged like a hamster or guinea pig.

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