Would you be suspiscious if your boyfriend was helping another girl build a sand sculpture while UR asleep?

Would you be suspiscious if your boyfriend was helping another girl build a sand sculpture while UR asleep? Topic: Building a case statement
July 20, 2019 / By Deniece
Question: When we first arrived at the beach he was gawking at the girl staying at the beach house next door. The next day, he woke up before I did and went out on the beach. (We are down here with his whole family renting a house.) When I finally went on th ebeach, his 8 year old neice said 'Uncle Aaron was helping that girl get water to pour on the sand". (We are all in our 30's by the way - just in case you were wondering because of the 'sand castle' thing). I confronted him and he lied and said he wasn't even on the beach today - lie. Then he said he was watching his neices. Then he got mad at his neice for saying he was helping the other girl because he was really only watching the sand sculpture - which wasn't built yet. So what do you think. Am I overreacting or should I be suspiscious? What would you do?
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Best Answers: Would you be suspiscious if your boyfriend was helping another girl build a sand sculpture while UR asleep?

Calla Calla | 4 days ago
Yes. I think you are overreacting but you should be suspicious also. I consider coming here and asking "overreacting" so you don't want to know what I call confronting him about it. If the girl is attractive (or even if she isn't) you should be suspicious. He probably was hanging out and perhaps his first instinct was to not make you jealous so he lied because he didn't want to hurt your feelings and then once he started it just snowballed. He could have been doing something too, so keep a close eye on him. Staying at a beach house for a summer, no strings attached, girl next door... I may actually retract my earlier statement about overreacting. I think an important question is, "Were they getting 'water to pour on the sand' with buckets from the ocean (lake?) or were they getting water from inside the house?"
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Alysa Alysa
Well honestly I would say he is some what attracted the the other girl if he is going to lie to you about this. I would not worry about it to much until you get home. Being around his family is not the best thing if you guys start arguing. They would probably take his side. I would wait till you got home from the beach to talk to him about it. Then again he will probably never see the other girl again in his life. But I would sit him down for a long talk.
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Vester Vester
Hmmm....sand castle sculptures. That's original. And completely suspicious, too. Even the 8 year old saw through that one, so obviously you two have some talking to do. Or, if you wish, I could help you construct a sculpture of your own...call it a gift, if you will.
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Roscoe Roscoe
The fact that he lied about it makes it suspicious. And the fact that he was gawking at her. Wait and see if they have any more encounters and then confront him. Or just try to hang out with him almost all the time till you leave.
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Montgomery Montgomery
Be suspicious hes a looker and kids .... really dont lie when you ask them an honest to god question like that .... keep your eye on him
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