Quitting my job after one month?

Quitting my job after one month? Topic: Ups jobs application positions ups employment
July 20, 2019 / By Denisa
Question: Hi everyone :) Alright, so i'm quitting my part-time job after one month of employment. I'm starting summer school full-time, and I told my manager ahead of time (like a month and a half ago) that I won't be able to work starting the end of the month, and this was during my interview. I guess she still needed me for the month because she ended up hiring me. I'm quitting this Friday, and my question is, should I put this job on my future job applications and my resume? Or can i just put it on my resume, but not on my application? My concern is, will future employers think that i'm a job-hopper if i state in my application that I have only been there for a month? (I had another part-time job before this one, and I had worked over there for 5 and a half months, but that was because I had to move to another state). Lol, this happened to be more than just one question, but I would really appreciate if you guys can let me know what you think! Thank you!!! :)
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Callidora Callidora | 5 days ago
Yes, you should put it on your resume and application but describe it as a full-time, temporary position. (Since you told your boss at interview that you would be leaving, then she hired you knowing your time there would be temporary). That will explain it without you having to go into the reasons in detail.
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Alyse Alyse
I think it all depends on if you can get your manager as a referral. Does he/she like you? Will they give you a good recommendation? If so, I would still add it and be clear on future applications why you only worked there for a month.
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