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Questions about Christianity? Topic: What is a research problematic meaning
July 20, 2019 / By Dervila
Question: I was raised by a strong christian family, my parents are big on the bible, and their answers to many things is "pray about it." But I've been on the fence about my religious standing for several years now. Mostly because I've been analyzing it, and noticed some inconsistencies and problematic details. One of the foremost problems for me is the idea that God created man in his image. In Genesis, he made man, and made humans the greatest of creatures to rule over the other animals. He then made us worship him, or face eternal damnation. Isn't that practically the definition of narcissism? So, what if "God," is just a construct of the mind to elevate our own standing in this world? There have been so many gods in history, many with similar stories. And, if he is real, what kind of being would sentence their children to eternal suffering for not worshiping him? I'm not sure if it is true, but I saw a quote online, supposedly from a holocaust survivor stating "If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.” If I was alive during that time, I doubt I would love a god of let me suffer so much, and expected to be worshiped in return. That is practically like a dictator. Also, despite the fact that God supposedly loves all his children equally, the Bible seems to contradict that so many times. He wipes out entire populations, including children, to help others. I know most of that stopped when he sent Jesus to die for our sins, but the very fact that he did so is somewhat disconcerting. Also, the Bible has clear favor of males over females, possibly due to the Adam and Eve thing, but nonetheless, the Bible was written mostly from the point of view of the males in society, so aren't we following the rules of a heavily patriarchal society, rules that don't necessarily apply anymore? And, on that note, pretty much everyone picks and chooses what they want to believe in, and what they don't from the Bible. Some rules apply, but not all of them. How is that alright? Leviticus (I believe) is one of the biggest examples, in which it condemns both homosexuality and eating shellfish. Homosexuality is supposedly a perversion of the ideal one man and one woman thing, but King David, one dearly loved by God, has like eight women. Also, Abraham slept with Hagar before throwing her and their son Ishmael into the wilderness. Believe me, I have plenty more questions and issues, but what is all boils down to is: how and why do you practice and believe in Christianity? Is it just because you are scared of going to hell, you were raised to believe in it, or is it something else? Thank you if you took time to read all this, I know I wrote quite a lot, but it felt good just to get some of it out. :)
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Cameo Cameo | 9 days ago
I just like most of the teachings attributed to the Jesus character, that's really all that I care about. I believe in God, but I think of it as a universal spirit not some tyrannical deity. Anyway, I'll attempt to answer your questions. 1. When people say that God created man in his image, they don't know what they're talking about. Seriously, they can't figure out if he made us in his image physically, spiritually or mentally. 2. The modern concept of Hell was just exaggerated as an incentive to get people to join the Catholic church, it has nothing to do with "God's wrath" or his insecurity issues. 3. The OT God is a bit bipolar, it's hard to figure out if he was ever meant to be taken seriously. The OT is full of old myths, not things that God actually did. 4. Before Eve there was Lilith. Lilith wasn't the submissive type and she went against everything the Bible said women should be, you should do research on her. You're right though, a lot of the patriarchal teachings are outdated and serve no purpose in today's society. There are some parts of the Bible that glorify women in some way, it's just overlooked when you're focusing on what crazy Paul wrote or things like selling your daughter as a servant. 5. The whole picking and choosing thing doesn't make a lot of sense, either Jesus fulfilled the Law or he abolished it. Any Christian that quotes Leviticus to go on some anti-gay rant needs to name the other 500+ abominations in the Bible and stop focusing on homosexuality (which was only mentioned 6 times). David was also in love with Johnathan, that's something that Christians don't want to talk about. I don't really know if Jesus was divine or not, but I think that his Greatest Commandment is still relevant today and that it's what Christians should focus on instead of the OT (that no Christian follows) or fear of some psychopathic God who is supposedly one with the (mostly) loving Jesus character. Christianity isn't all bad, it just depends on how you interpret the Bible and which version of God you claim to worship: the God of the Old Testicle or the loving God.
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Cameo Originally Answered: Can u tell me about your religion (except Christianity)?
Buddhism. I used to be associated to no religion. Half my family is Catholic and half my family is Jewish and although I was raised as a jew for most of my life I didn't feel comfortable with the way certain things were carried out in the religion so I decided to study other religions until I found one that I feel comfortable with. In this case it was buddhism. Buddhism is more of an "interior" religion. Instead of praying to a God to solve all your problems or ask him for advice you meditate and you work to solve your problems and doubts on your own and dedicate them to Buddha for giving you the inner strength. The religion is pretty much liberal, which is good. By this I mean that it only prohibits homosexuality and adultry. Plus, what everybody knows its forbidden to harm any living being. I've never felt more at peace with myself since I started practicing buddhism because one of the advantages that the monks at the temple told me is that you don't have to go to the equivalent of mass to be a good buddhist, you just have to live your life at peace withyourself and in peace witht he universe and follow the basic rules of buddhism which include honesty and kindness. In buddhism, you also get Karma. If you do good things they'll get repaid and you'll hence have a better life and a better next life since we believe in reencarnation. If you do bad things then you'll suffer in life and will reencarnate as something less in your next life. So, all in all I have found it to be a pretty balanced philosphy more than a religion and trully have never been more at peace with myself since I started practicing this philosophy of life. If you want to know more, visit www.wikipedia.org and in the search enter "Buddhism".

Alyssa Alyssa
The Yahweh of the Bible was created when Abraham was walking past an area where the God was called Yahoo. Yahweh was the male principle God and Yahoo was an all encompassing God - Yahweh was the anti-god to Yahoo. Yahweh is the God of war. BUT Take note that Jesus was born in a manger Take note the manger is a place in the stars Take note that the Bible is astromythology The Bible was written to compile stories in order to create religion/ RE LEIGE IO N RE LEIGE SUN N To get you to re leige and have someone else stand between you and God eg the emperor or the queen or the pope as it turns out. Do not turn away / Attourn from God to attorn is the act of re leige ing However the truth is still in the Bible We are made in Gods image as God lives in us In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God. You define your reality. The Bible is a book of Law It comes from the 'lore' which is the spoken word coming from the breath of life the God breathed into you. Once man write/right the lore or God it become Law. Furthermore when Man writes/rights claims that he can do things against the Law of God it become 'Legal' The Bible is known as the common law - the general law - international law You might like to know that Jesus is 'A son of God' and not 'The son of God' You can check the original Hebrew and Greek Bibles
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Vince Vince
Yes, biblical morality is objectionable from a modern humane society which has developed a sense of human rights. However, this does not give us any idea whether the Christian god is real or not. We know that narcissistic, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic dictators have existed.You are really asking why people view Christianity as a good moral guide rather than why they believe in it. The reasons not to believe in it are also many and varied though. The fact that the God did not know basic scientific facts about life and our planet is a very strong one. The fact that there have been so many gods and they all fall out of fashion is another. The fact that we know that our brains produce our self and that our self dies with the brain is a good reason to dismiss any claims of an afterlife. Just in case your concern about the morality of the Christian god is related to a residual psychological fear of him despite your intellectual acceptance of his non-existence (my experience) I recommend The Believing Brain - Michael Shermer - why we believe weird nonsense. The God delusion - Richard Dawkins - why the Abrahamic god is not real. The Evolution of God - Robert Wright - why, when, how, where and by whom the Christian god was invented and how he became known as he is in our time.
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Roy Roy
God never demanded that we worship Him or suffer eternal damnation...NEVER! God did offer us a gift of salvation...JESUS. We can accept that gift or pay for our own sins in hell....the choice is ours. Read Genesis again....God clearly makes men and women equal. They need each other to be complete. The Old Testament is about showing us how evil we are and how we need a savior. Christianity is not a religion...it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many religions based on that relationship. Some Christian religions just get it wrong because religions are made by people.
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Mordred Mordred
My serious answer is that, you are right, imho at least, most people believe in God because they were scared of going to hell. But also, when life is tough, people need support, especially emotionally. Praying is a way of relieving stress, like talking to others that you trust. Do I believe in any known religions? No. Do I admire many "good" teachings in religions? Yes. Do I believe there might be God or other beings beyond us human? I remains open to this one. Do I believe in evolution? 100% yes after reviewing all the evidences presented by science. Mind you my mom believes in Buddhism (with countless man made God) and my sister believes in Bible. I was exposed to both for a long time and I even went to Churches and temples. My conclusion? Churches and temples are dirty places for the authorities taking advantages of ignorant people. I don't hate religions, I hate the people running them, and I realize how unintelligent people can be. We are not as awesome and intelligent as we thought we were. There are many decent people in this world, but not those in power believe me.
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Keegan Keegan
You're not questioning Christianity, you're questioning belief and worship of God since you're question and details differ greatly from one another. The old testaments which you mainly speak about is not greatly followed by Christians. The only basic laws are the 10 commandments that Christians follow. The OT is basically a reference book.
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Heck Heck
GotQuestions.org. If you need answers for this many questions (Which is perfectly fine), you need to seek out websites that are comprised of biblical answers by those who believe and understand what the word of God teaches. Yahoo Answers isn't the place for biblical understanding.
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Eliphalet Eliphalet
I was raised to believe that rubbish. I walked away from it many years ago and only just, at the request of family and friends did I bother to attend church again and try to believe... Luckily sanity prevailed and I do not consider myself remotely Christian. I put two and two together and realised that the god of the Bible is in fact Satan, that is to say, Satan is the god of the Bible. Why would I want to worship that? He's erratic, petty, cruel, unjust and unloving. Christ was no example to follow either. Of course, there are many little 'truths' in the Bible that you can live by, such as the Golden Rule, but believing in the whole book as "gospel"? No thanks. People who do are insane.
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Eliphalet Originally Answered: HELP: Academics, Christianity and Me.Thank You?
Trust me, you can not force yourself into believeing something. Christianity is not a golden ticket where you will get the pride at the end. If you want friends and family take up an art class, yoga class, or join a book club. Going a Bible study will make u feel pressure and confusion. Plus you'll ne hiding your true athirst self from these people. Mow if you truly want to explore christianity in general that's great! Go for it, though Defenetly do not be expected to be handed anything on a silver platter. If dyou are having problems in your academics you should look into study groups. Now that would be a great place to make friends while achieveing your main goal. With a study group you wouldn't be trying to shape your beliefs around these other peoples standards. Though maybe you could go try it and see it it is a good place for you but I think it'd be better to build friendships on things more sturdy then religion. I mean what if in a year you tell these people you aren't Christian some of them will no longer be friends with you. Just be careful and be yourself good luck!

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