Right now my puppy is 8-9 weeks old?

Right now my puppy is 8-9 weeks old? Topic: Case smart little
July 20, 2019 / By Dervla
Question: She seems to be very smart and eager to please as well as sweet and just overall adorable. My question is, I have to drive from Florida to Pennsylvania and stay up there for about a week, maybe a little less time when she is 11, almost twelve weeks old. I plan on taking her with me along with one of my other dogs, the oldest actually. He has no problem with car rides of any sort, we've already made this trip three times with him. Obviously my puppy has never had such an experience in her life so far. She has had a few car rides, thirty minutes here thirty there and so far the longest period she's been in the car driving for was about an hour to an hour and a half. She likes the cars rides in my car but isn't too thrilled with the SUV I'm driving up there. So I'm wondering is number one, she's too young because I don't want to leave her for that long and number two, if she should be fine on the trip is there anything I can do to get her to like, or at the very least tolerate riding in the SUV?? Any tips, advice, personal experience would be very much appreciated. PS>>> I am not inexperienced with dogs, I've had 5 so far in my 20 years, I've just never had to take a pup this young that far. The youngest pup I took on such a trip was a little over a year and she didn't do so well mainly because she doesn't care for car rides that last long (And for the record I cannot post-pone this trip.)
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Cameron Cameron | 10 days ago
well they have car kennels that you can put her in. this keeps her safe just in case (and god forbid) that you get into an accident, she can go flying ya know? you can also take her on little trips in the SUV instead of the other car, that way she gets used to it. i personally us a comfort fit doggy seat belt and a divider that goes up against the front seats to keep them form suddenly coming upfront.
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Alyssia Alyssia
she should be fine, i dont know how she is with kennels, but sometimes small pups like being in smaller enviroments and a car is smaller then the SUV so u could put her in a kennel if she liks that, or maybe just give her a treat whenever she gets into the SUV. help her get use to it b4 the trip though. i believe she is a bit too young to be left home alone though.
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Vincent Vincent
At 9 weeks previous, this little doggy can slightly understand aggression. Biting is widely used and widely used for all domestic canines and with a Pit Bull that isn't any exception. whilst taking part in, domestic canines will bite, growl, or snap, or perhaps bite, this would not advise the canines is aggressive or is out to kill! The doggy is purely being a doggy. You of course won't be able to even preserve having a sprint doggy to end, what is going to you do whilst the canines will become an entire grown useful 65lb grownup? not something. Please provide this youthful doggy to somebody who can correct practice this doggy and who has journey with canines, considering you of course do not understand what your doing. A 9 week previous Pit Bull doggy is very nearly a newborn and can't even exhibit intense indicators of aggression. canines want training and socialization, fairly youthful domestic canines fairly PIT BULL domestic canines, in case you won't be able to furnish it, provide the canines away to a no-kill shelter or rescue.
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Royal Royal
i had that problem with my pup too and hes only 7 months.. just try driving him around and whenever he/she is quiet give him treats .. and also praise him.. then he'll/she'll know that your SUV is a safe and he will soon adapt to it.. so whenever you go out use your SUV take him/her with you and try cushioning your seat or floor if your pup has vomiting issues.. and put him/her in a kennal or i have a dog carseat for my little dog ( you can get it at Tj max or petsmart)
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Morgan Morgan
1. get a very close relative to watch her becasue they no by ur scent who ur related to. 2. get a carrier the plastic kind with like 5 holes on each side and a barred door to carry him in 3. have someone hold him and comfort him on there lap
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