Iphone 3g: Data Plan [without it]?

Iphone 3g: Data Plan [without it]? Topic: Iphone 4 case size
May 26, 2019 / By Desdemona
Question: Please answer as much of the following questions: 1) If you use the internet, is that considered using data? 2) Would it be cheaper to get the plan or not? 3) What would I need to do to use 1 KB? 4) What is Cellular Video? 5) What are the pros & cons of NOT getting the unlimited plan? 6) What are the pros & cons of GETTIING the unlimited plan? 7) What other information can you give me? 8) Any links? 9) If you wish, leave your email or myspace. Thank You
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Camilla Camilla | 1 day ago
1) Yes. Internet is data. If you didn't know, web pages all have sizes. 2) From the looks of it, you pretty much have to get it (just like the first generation iPhone which required it). And you lose like half of the iPhone if you don't get the internet. 3) You can't. A blank page with a single period is already 4 KB. 4) Video over the cellular network...so using the data plan to watch YouTube, etc. 5) You need the data plan. And if AT&T is giving you a choice this time...then you don't get the $199 and $299 price by not getting the data plan. And the cons are that you pretty much won't be using YouTube, Stocks, Weather, Safari, AppStore, Mail, Maps. Don't forget that the GPS requires the internet (well, it doesn't, but the Maps application does...) There is absolutely no pro in not getting the data plan. So you save $30 a month for what? You can't use GPS unless you are on the internet (and don't say Wi-Fi...sure you can use it on Wi-Fi...but when do people use GPS? when they're moving!). You also won't be able to do anything the iPhone is known for. Might as well get an iPod Touch and a free phone. Save you a ton of money in terms of monthly bills. 6) Umm, then you get to do whatever you want on the iPhone without worrying (except texting). 7) The current standings right now is that you are required to get the data plan just like all the smart phones and the first generation iPhone. In that case, there's no argument.
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Camilla Originally Answered: What can you do on a smartphone without a data plan?
If you have wifi access you can get on the internet with many smart phones that way. E-mailing through the phone network requires a data plan, but MMS messages do not (even though they go through the data network). MMS just requires a per message charge or, in your case, are free because you have a messaging plan. Some subsidized smart phones require that you get the data plan for at least 6 months in order to get the full discount. However, you can discontinue the data plan after that time. Data plans are not like voice plans. They are add-on's and are not subject to the terms of the two year agreements.
Camilla Originally Answered: What can you do on a smartphone without a data plan?
On Verizon you HAVE to upgrade your plan when buying a new smartphone. So unless you and your parents have discussed and agreed to shelling out extra money each month just to cover your new phone, I would not get my hopes up on Christmas morning.

Alyx Alyx
NO!! U don't have to buy a data plan. Just a plan so u can talk is all you need. I am not sure if you can block the Internet from using 3G. Funny thing is that i was wondering that too so, i am quite unsure of that.
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Alyx Originally Answered: Question, new blackberry bold and data plan?
i think its a very good plan, im with 3network also, when you get the new sim your number will change to the one on the new sim, however you can ring 3network and i believe they will let you keep your old number if you wish. call them on 0843 373 3333 and they will explain to you how its done. also remember you still need to pay an additional £5 per month for the blackberry data plan needed to use bbm apps world etc. i prefer pay as u go with 3network, i get 300mins/3000txts/unlimited internet for £15 top up plus of course the £5 blackberry data plan so a total of £20 per month. for any questions and info ring the number i wrote above its 3network customer services.
Alyx Originally Answered: Question, new blackberry bold and data plan?
relies upon. you is surely no longer waiting to apply the telephone and not making use of a documents plan (IF tmobile's coverage is something like Verizon). they might verify the telephone's gadget identity once you connect it to the community, and it may say something like 'this telephone demands a documents plan, please call your community service. yet warning: despite in case you do be waiting to get the telephone to paintings and not making use of a documents plan, a blackberry is a telephone, and despite in case you dont use the internet or digital mail, BlackBerrys are "constantly on" units, and once I say that, I propose they are constantly contacting blackberrys servers over you guessed it, your documents plan. so as this is quite not gonna fly. And question: why might you spend lots funds on an unlocked formidable in case you prefer it for texting and the digicam?? The digicam on that telephone is tremendously undesirable. in case you haven't any longer any activity in making use of a blackberry for what it grew to become into designed for (you pronounced your self, you prefer a telephone for "texting, sending/recieving photos, calls, and so on."), you seem purely like certainly one of those guy or woman who may be extra desirable proper with a featurephone. grab your self a valuable featurphone, and you will no longer prefer a documents plan. maximum featurephones have extra desirable cameras than the products of crap that are put in on blackberries.

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