Is there a place that makes ID cards with photos?

Is there a place that makes ID cards with photos? Topic: A papers business card
May 26, 2019 / By Desirae
Question: I lost my state ID last week and I want to go out on New Year's eve. I have a photo ID from school without my date of birth, and my license paper showing all my info. Is there a place that just prints little business card photo IDs? To the first RUDE commentor, I know the DMV does that, but my ID won't be in for another two weeks.
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Best Answers: Is there a place that makes ID cards with photos?

Camille Camille | 2 days ago
Go to the court house and get a new ID. In my state they will print you out a paper ID which is the stand in ID till your new one is mailed to you
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Amabel Amabel
You may be able to get a photo ID from any place under the sun, but no bar or night club is going to accept it. You need your state ID. Call the office that does state IDs (in Michigan it's the Secretary of State) and see what they can do for you. Many states now have the capability to produce a new drivers' license or state ID while you wait.
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Royce Royce
you'd need to get something "OFFICIAL", if you look underage... unless you have something with date of birth, and it is official, then you'll have to stick to the places that aren't going to CARD you...
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