How do I move on,I can't stop crying.emotional breakdown?

How do I move on,I can't stop crying.emotional breakdown? Topic: How to write an email giving advice to a friend
May 27, 2019 / By Devnet
Question: What if u loved a guy soo much,u were together for 2 years u gave him ur all,anything he ask for and u can afford it u gave it to him,u love him with all ur life,this woman now came frm foriegn and she has her money and is in a good job overseas,they started dating an she is giving him more than I could ever think of,she even wants to buy him a car,he wants me to stay regardless of all what's happeing he even wants to put her infront of me,so I guess he is just not real to me,I guess money talks and bullshit walks,cus I ave to jus move on cus I'm not gonna play second when I was there first,so can u guys giv me some insight plz,how do u move on when u love a guy soo much with all ur heart Tell me how to do this that even when he calls I still don't go back to him,plz tell me how to do this,it hurts real bad I cry everyday,I guess he rather getting stuff than to stay with with the girl who has been there fo so long,plz let me know I really need ur advice
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Candida Candida | 8 days ago
sorry about spelling mistakes dont have all day to spell check im not a posh boy who cares about how he spells sorry. well i loved a girl so much also we where togethter also i gave all i had emotionally and heart wise and all that stuff couples do. Money wise erm sure dunno about everything she asked me i could afford more everything she needed and on birthdays and aniversarys and stuff id be happy to have words if you like if you have some form of contact like email or something i wont be rude cause you love him but yeah you know what im thinking well i hope you do cause im not gonna say. When she showed up im confused how did she even come on the seen i dont wana piss you off but i think he cheated and he cheated knowlingly or maybe was it like poof hey i meet this girl from a foreign land tada he was with her while he was with u sorry that might of stung a little i am very sorry you can swear at me if it helps hes not worth the words your writeing or my time answering god damn are all men assholes im a guy also trust me hes a waste of space who dont deserve a winkie to be indetified as a man more like a boy sorry or a person like you he doesnt deserve either im sorry or she could just be some random genrous person. Erm he wants you to stay i think the question is do you want to stay screw him in my opion you dont have to listen but let her have him im old fashioned though if im with a girl she aint buying me nothing other way round its a guy thing well i thought it was i think he might be half and half not sure ill get back to you on that and yeh unfortunately money talkes givers of money usally talk a walk. Question erm again sorry but hes suppsoe to love you right why would her put you in front of you is this a game are u on punked tv im confused. you guess hes not real into you guess? im sorry i know ud probaly slap me and say shut the hell up if you could but this will help you. U dont nesscarily have to move on grow a pair of erm lady bits and say HEY WHAT THE HELLS UR PROBLEM if you wanna go play hide and seek with her explain to me what i did wrong first and gimme some of my money back i wasted on your useless **** maybe not those excact words something to that effect suggest you have some guy friends present or some form of a man not a boy present and demand an answer and some money a least its the most he can do or just say hey do you really wanna leave me someone you have spent howevery long with some random person who has more money then me if he says YES I DO do what i suggested earlier and let him go. and lady i dont know you or your name im not being disresectfull and im not interestein in anyway i just wrote this cause i feel bad for you but i loved a girl so very much with all my heart and she just vanished when a year passes and your hear nufn from that person you love more then this world email me again if ur not okay by then and we talk some more by then it would of been 2 years trust me i feel how you feel now mulitiplied by a year. And dry your eyes girls dont look to apealing when they cry:) your gonna scare all the good men away that are looking at you. If its the case that you love each other both ways itll work out. but judgeing from uve said i just told you my opion ill say it clearly and nicely THIS GUY ERM NO u decide now Trust me dont be like me please. Take Care
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Candida Originally Answered: HELP PLEASE EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN:How can i avoid being stepped on?
You must learn to demonstrate love properly to eveyone. Demonstrating love properly to everyone means doing what is best for everyone. You must also take care of yourself. You must be wise to help someone. You are not being wise. You are not helping these people, you are being a co- dependent to bad behavior for these people and you are inabling them from being responsible people by doing everything for them always. Now, if you really want to help your friends, tell them that you will not do their projects or homework because they will not learn the proper material they will need to know in order to graduate. Tell your friends that you will not give them all your lunch money all the time because you need to eat in order to adequeately take care of your body. Tell your friends that you will not give them most or all of your paper because you need paper to complete your assignmets. Tell your friends that you will not let them use your phone constantly because you did not tell your parents that they were paying for another person's constant calls nor do you think it is right that your parents should pay for someone else's phone bill without reinbursement, etc. Furthermore, you are not taking care of yourself. You only have one life, it is a gift. Remember that and act on it by taking proper care of your body and soul. (Take care of your soul by obeying God's commands in the bible. The bible can be read for free online at bible.com) It is true that a man who gives gifts will always have friends. Know that once you start correctly demonstarting love to everyone, you might lose some or all of your friends. That is okay though because they were not your true friends- they just wanted a free ride and they did not want to have to grow up and be mature. (Better to be alone than in a den with a pack of hungry wolves.) So, again be wise in order to help someone. Think first then act. It is okay to give and help, but exercise wisdom to make sure that what you are doing will actually foster help and not aid in co- dependecy or inabiling.

Amber Amber
This Will Be A Major Heart Break If You Still Thinking About Him You Gave Him Your Love And He Wasted It ..The Best Thing To Move On In Your Life .. This Will Be Very Hard To You But You Have To Do It ..If You Reconsider To Join It Will Give You More Pain Than Comfort.. So Move On .. Take Care..
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Wally Wally
I am sorry you are going through this, but you must first of all realise that you spoilt him in the first place and he is going to the highest bidder. Secondly, he does not deserve your attention and his priority/motive is not to settle with you in a long term relationship. Thirdly, it stings but you must not put out your affection out there anymore as you will hurt more as he will maintain this cycle for another higher bidder. Lastly get some help; life coaching to help you move from here as you will need support to let go of the feeling of betrayal, bitterness & distrust.
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Rudy Rudy
I had a boyfriend that cheated on me after 2 years, and I was devastated, like you. The way you get over him is by focusing on you. Work on getting a promotion at your job, focus on your studies at school. get involved in clubs or volunteering, hang out with your girlfriends. Change his name in your phone to "piece of s**" or "do not answer" or something like that, that will remind you haw badly he hurt you. After you take the time to mourn the loss of your relationship, you need to make a conscience effort to move on and be happy. So your happiness is really all in your hands now.
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Morton Morton
I usually just say " Phuck'n bytch ! I'm better off without her ." and then go on my way. 2 years ain't shyt . a mere drop in the bucket in the scheme of things . Why waste time crying over spilt milk ? Do something productive instead.
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Kell Kell
Go to your doctor for some mood stabilizing medications. As you are female, you will have to wait until menopause before your idiotic hormones allow you to think in a rational fashion.
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Herk Herk
practice yoga get ahead in life. life is simple and u have only one chance to acheive some thing better and make ur life meaningfull... Cheer up
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Herk Originally Answered: Cant stop crying? help?
Nothing much you can do to help with letting someone go.. but you said she is going to have a baby so how about feeling happy for her? I'm sure you will keep in touch with her so no need to worry too much.. think about mothers, wives, sisters, fathers, brothers and husbands who have let go of their loved ones to go to war?!?! Those people are in a worse position because they don't know IF they will ever see them again. You should be ok so don't worry much, and if that's too much for you still, try writing her a letter and I'm sure this will let her know how much you care.

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