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July 20, 2019 / By Devon
Question: 1.General who served as head of the Continental Army . . 2.Order issued by the royal governor of Virginia offering freedom to any slave who would fight for the British . . 3.Patriot general who led the attack on St. John's, Canada, and whose troops captured Montreal . . 4.Patriot who earned the nickname "Molly Pitcher" by bringing water to Patriot troops . . 5.Member of a local militia who, like all African Americans, was initially prohibited from serving in the Continental Army by order of General Washington . . 6.British general who forced the Continental Army to abandon Long Island . . 7.Mohawk leader who fought for the British during the Revolution . 8.Patriot general who led his troops north through what is now Maine to launch an attack on Quebec . . 9.Patriot who disguised herself as a man in order to fight . 10.Patriot teenager who served in the Continental Navy . 11.Indian ally of the British who was also known as Thayendanegea . 12.Hired foreign soldiers who fight in a war Thayendanegea Mary Ludwig Hays James Forten Joseph Brant Lord Dunmore's Proclamation Peter Salem Deborah Sampson Richard Montgomery Benedict Arnold William Howe match these to tha sentences up top. holy crap this isnt homework, ok. its trivia, im 8 ok, some of this stuff is not all that easy for me.
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Candis Candis | 9 days ago
1. George Washington 2. Lord Dunmore's Proclamation 3. Richard Mongomery 4. Mary Ludwig Hays 5. Peter Salem 6. William Howe 7. Thayendanegea 8. Benedict Arnold 9. Deborah Sampson 10. James Forten 11. Joseph Brant 12. Hessians
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4. mary ludwig hays 8 year olds shouldnt be using this and they should do theyre hw themselves, my bad, i mean 'trivia'
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