What's your opinion on my friend's decision?

What's your opinion on my friend's decision? Topic: University case statement
May 25, 2019 / By Di
Question: Ok, so he just graduated from high school last year and started college in a four-year university with a FULL scholarship. He's made it through his whole first year of college, and I've spoken to him occasionally and he claims he 'loves' college. And right now, right before his summer vacation starts, he's saying that he's planning to drop out of college and become a fast food worker. WHAT?! That was my first response to that statement. I mean, he has a full-paid scholarship for his entire four years at college, something MANY students in my high school would KILL to be blessed with such a gift, yet he's deciding to waste all of that money to get a job he could've worked for right after he obtained his high school diploma and not have gone to college or apply for scholarships at all. In my opinion, that's a very foolish and wasteful idea. What do you think about it?
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Candyce Candyce | 1 day ago
I think he is pulling your leg, but just in case he is not, he will be horribly sorry. I worked fast food when I was going to college, just to have a little extra spending cash. I have even done it latter to make some extra, as a manager and it wasn't any better. I will say when I went to college, I had a full scholarship, went in to be an architect, after three years, I hatted it, and thought engineering was my cup of tea, wrong again and returned for psychology. After that I had enough education I could be anything almost. I think your friend is just having a rough go, so maybe you should talk to him or someone should. If its about having money and a job now, he will be sorry. Of course there is a slight possibility he is not cut out for college, it can be harsh. I started when I was 15 in the honors program and that was weird, everyone so much older, but I made it, so talk to him. Just tell him opportunity knocks only once, and second chances are seldom, so make the right choice.
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Amelie Amelie
It sounds completely idiotic. Who wants to live on a fast food salary. Anyway, if that fried decides to go on with that decision, I am pretty sure that soon they will realize that working all day at a fast food, or anywhere else, is not better than going to college.
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