Very funny quiz! haha?

Very funny quiz! haha? Topic: Ps cover letter
May 26, 2019 / By Dindraine
Question: make your own sentence!!! YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH: january: french kiss february: swim naked march: exchange ur clothes april: break your neck may: kidnap a kid june: get married july: rob a bank august: paint your nails september: throw rocks at children october: go to the toilet november: murder santa december: do a lap dance YOUR BIRTHDAY DAY: 1 with harry potter 2 with cornelia (which is me) 3 with horatio caine 4 with your sibling 5 with an orphan child 6 with the queen of england 7 with your doctor 8 with anne frank 9 with the president 10 with stewie griffin 11 with a crocodile 12 with your grandpa 13 with both your parents 14 with a black person 15 with hannah montana 16 with a hippie on drugs 17 with a ghost 18 with an albino monkey 19 with a dying cat 20 with a pokemon 21 with a lesbian psycho 22 with a serial killer 23 with a stuffed elephant 24 with your teacher 25 with a mermaid 26 with a dead pornstar 27 with a prostitute 28 with homer simpson 29 with a gummy bear 30 with the easter bunny 31 with a gay policeman UR HAIR COLOR: blonde: while drunk red : for the rest of your life brown: with your eyes closed UR NAME STARTS WITH: A in a parking lot B in your parents'car C on the titanic D in a desert island E in a cemetery F under the sea G in a box H on a tree I in a castle J in a coffin K under a train L in a magic world M under a rock N under the covers O in a whale P on the floor Q on the grass R at the police station S sitting on the toilet T in a octopus'stomach U on the ceiling V at school Z in a dancing school LAST LETTER OF UR NAME: A while chewing gum B while eating carrots C while smoking weed D while watching csi E while watching porn F while having lunch with your grandma G while throwing up H while getting undressed I while making out J while flying K while getting ur hair cut L while licking your feet M while wearing a wig N while chasing a rabbit O while doing a pee P while buying a parrot Q while crying R while selling cocaine S while dying your hair purple T wearing a cowboy hat U while having a bath V while walking in the mud Y while doing a rain dance Z while taking ur clothes off ( I take no credit 4 the quiz, its not mine)
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Best Answers: Very funny quiz! haha?

Carine Carine | 2 days ago
French kissing with my sibling for the rest of my life under the covers while taking my clothes off??? OOOOH NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ah! so manyy words!!! xO oh well... i'll do it anyways... no molt? virgo yes occasionly lovely bones breakeven<3 not yet the smell of my guy friend (his cologne is yummy) no ...yes chinese(: nothing i slept in no as a Y!A user:yes.. no homo sometimes(: a towel boxers not really.. no brunettes neither no no yes no no last year yes thigs? yes him and patrick, yes yes yes no no yes <3 that song! family reunion yes yes yes yes yes dunno... *tries* 7!! no.. but a bird hit my windshield sexy... just kidding. no yes(: an...8? *drinks from carton*..... no! chicken nugget.. who decided to eat whatever came out of a chickens butt?O.o i like that name! no i think it's amazing no.. but i will. maracas! makes me feel like a mexican no... i'm feeling weak with this kryptonite by me woah! never thought of that xD i know! i want more blue foods too 5 dollars to buy himself a footlong mustache the big fancy hersheys ones :O 25 dollars yes, they should pink... Duh! no.. then osama can fly over here on his donkey right after cats and flies I'm sorry... i flicked it while you weren't looking because they feel like they're just another stone at the cemetary? i dunno ...i can't hoolahoop period :[ OMFG! A ROCK IS SINGING!!!

Anastacia Anastacia
exchange ur clothes with the easter bunny with your eyes closed on a tree while chasing a rabbit There's a worrying Rabbit theme coming through here!!
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Webster Webster
Heya, Soo..apparently i have to do a lap dance...erm..with a mermaid...okk...with my eyes closed..in a desert island..ohh there's no "w" for my last name, but I don't mind settling for the letter y..a rain dance sounds fun :) Edit: oh rite the last letter of my first name..then that would be...what? whilst watching porn..:( Interesting quiz..
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Salathiel Salathiel
Posting the question again? French kiss with Anne frank (my hair color is black, so no options =( ) in a coffin while watching porn. AHHHHH!! I am disturbed right now.... =|
👍 58 | 👎 -10

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You are very sincere. I commend you for this. Therefore, I will be as sincere as possible. There's many like you out there, and some have a head start on you. I recommend staying with the education and having an alternative way of making money until such time as you are discovered and can make a living exclusively from your music. I ended up doing a 20-year military career instead of following this dream because of the financial stability and travel, but you MUST NEVER COMPLETELY GIVE UP THE DREAM. It never goes away. If you want to sing, you either have to get an instrument and perform, get into a music troupe, or start a band. Having dance capability or songwriting helps. I have written poetry and lyrics since 1980 and this is a great way to use it. My children are all musically inclined, and I would love to sing on their future projects. For you, I suggest you start with plays and musicals, take practice with your voice teacher or some of the other pupils, maybe get involved at church, or join a band or play troupe. I have a voice much like David Clayton-Thomas of Blood, Sweat and Tears. I have won two karaoke contests but have never been a band member to date - however, I have been a broadcaster and karaoke host on and on for over 30 years, even during the military time. Blood Sweat and Tears - You've Made Me So Very Happy (live, 1971) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpwXasI2I... I wish you luck. Any other inspiration I can provide can be exchanged with E-mail on my profile. Now That I’m Ready For Love Another year wiser, another year older Another day empty, another night colder Another squandered opportunity But now that I’m ready for love, no one’s ready for me I sift through these streets, filled with aimless dancers In calm desperation, still searching for answers Leaves green and inviting, new rings on the tree But now that I’m ready for love, no one’s ready for me Young maidens sense some hot wave of emergency They marry and mate in a false sense of urgency As the hurried home crumbles, the fingers point blames And all hold back burned hearts as they re-alter names Never considering a cause holding true That someone like me could want someone like you That someone like me could need someone like you That someone like me could love someone like you INSTRUMENTAL BRIDGE Another year wiser, another year older Another day empty, another night colder Another squandered opportunity But now that you’re ready for love, are you ready for me? Ready for me? Really ready for me? Now that you’re ready for love, are you ready for me.... Laughing Dolphin Music 12 March 2007

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