How to tell my prejudiced parents I want to be a kpop star?

How to tell my prejudiced parents I want to be a kpop star? Topic: All about china research
May 26, 2019 / By Diot
Question: So I told my parents that I was into kpop and they were really cool about it. Then like a month later they freaked out about it and said that korea was 'brainwashing me' and that the government controls the people in asia (now they're not just attacking korea but ALL of asia) and we just see the propaganda they release. They made me stop listening to it and everything related to korea. I'd rather not go into the long list of arguments I have against this statement. It's like all they can think of is the communist party in China and North Korea and they think it represents all of Asia. (I'd like to put out there that my parents are not racist though AT ALL, I'm their adopted Chinese daughter so I mean) I first wanted to be a kpop star after rigorous research on what it takes, the life, and the risks. I hadn't acted upon it because I wasn't sure if it was a phase of not. But it's been like a year and i've still had the same goal. My parents want me to go to an Ivy League school and earn a degree, or masters, or doctorate or whatever high degree in some sort of field. Preferably to be a lawyer or a doctor. Although those are good sturdy careers, they don't freaking interest me. Maybe it's because I'm so young but I don't care. Now would be the time to start going after my dreams right? How can I tell my parents that I want to be an k-idol? If they say no would it be wrong to to do it any? To throw away they money they put into my education?
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Carissa Carissa | 4 days ago
Lay out all the facts, give them the "but dont you love me and want me to be happy doing what I want?", show them your determination.. and act depressed about it. I applaud you for wanting to be a kpop idol even after doing the research, I hope you can find a good company (I'm personally YG biased heh)
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