Should I tell my stepdad that I m sexually active?

Should I tell my stepdad that I m sexually active? Topic: Just in case someone didn't tell you
May 26, 2019 / By Dix
Question: I’m thinking about telling my stepdad that I’m sexually active (we’re pretty close and I trust that he won’t judge me). About me: • I didn’t loose my virginity to someone I was dating. The people I sleep with aren’t… friends, they’re just people to sleep with. • My mom is religious; if she found out, she’d probably freak and call me a slur/whore (which at this point I don’t care) but she’d eventually get over it. My younger sister (who acts wayy older than she should) would give me a lecture too (again, I don’t care and she has no right to, but I don’t want to listen to two lectures.) • my stepdad thinks you should “live and let live.” It’s really no one s business. But I sorta want to tell him because if my mom finds out (which I think is only a matter of time) I’ll have someone to vouch for me. And I can tell him the addresses I’m going to in case anything happens. • I feel guilty for sleeping around because my mom thinks I m making new friends but really I m not lol I feel bad for making up excuses (e.g. "I m going to the movies.") because I know she d feel... betrayed that I ddin t tell her. • I m on birth control and I m using protection.
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Carla Carla | 6 days ago
Don't. You may be tempted to share your stories of escapades with people who are nice or act nice with you, but JUST DON'T. Word spreads, trust me. I'm glad you asked here first. I made such slips of tongue in the past with people who acted like they were nice and understanding with me and it was disastrous. It's ridiculous how many people in this world are cheap gossip mongers. It's not worth the risk. If you feel like you need to share your stories, start a private blog (make sure no one but you can access it).
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Andrea Andrea
How can a woman be sexually active? You are just being abused and used by males as a tool to provide them with sex.
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Westley Westley
If you want to go ahead he may still freak out a bit or be shocked because you're sleeping with people and could get a std from it condoms doesn't always helps prevent that just like birth control doesn't always help prevent from being pregnant you could have something already and not even know it you can get stuff by just kissing the person and pubic lice you still have a chance of getting that using a condom doesn't help prevent that at all.
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Sammy Sammy
It could be that your mother and step father realise that teenagers have sex. Only you know what is the best way to broach the subject with them. You don't include why you want to tell your step father; do you want his approval? I doubt that you'll get it if he has higher standards and values than you seem to. Sex might be fun obviously, as are drink and drugs no doubt, but outside of a strong and well established relationship it can turn out to be disastrous. Not only can pregnancy and STDs result, but sexual intercourse can often be emotionally bonding (especially if regular or frequent), and when the strong friendship, mutual values and interests etc. are not in place this can prove emotionally confusing. Just read some of the questions here, or watch some of the daytime t.v. shows with very unhappy people who have had sex too soon and/or with the wrong person. It can also cost a girl her self respect and the respect of others (including future boyfriends).
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Naftali Naftali
Idk how old you are, and why you are worried about your sexual relationships. You've hinted that you would kind of like to know that someone is looking out for you, which makes me wonder if you feel a bit vulnerable- certainly it's a good idea that someone has your back and knows where you are. If so, then telling someone you trust about what you're doing and how you feel about it would be a good idea. This person might be your step father, however do also look around for others that may be able to give you non-judgemental support and advice- like an adult middle ground between your 'slut/whore' judgemental religious mother, and your 'live and let live' father.
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What a tragic story to hear! For your own safety and own sake, get educated about the definitions of crimes and your rights. Lawyers and Police can unwittingly bowl you over with far too much information and opinions if you're not well prepared. First, here is a great site which talks about definitions and statutes for Child Abuse and Neglect by state: http://www.childwelfare.gov/systemwide/laws_policies/state/ Next, aggravated assault, battery, criminal threats, child endangerment and a whole host of issues has been brought up by you. Again, that is integrated in to your State's specific statutes. http://www.law.cornell.edu/topics/state_statutes2.html#criminal_code This is a HUGE, overwhelming site, but it does provide you with all the crimes and statutes by state. It's terrific information. Having only your Mother as a witness might make things difficult, but not by any means impossible. If she is willing to assist, and if you're willing to undergo psychological evaluations, evidence can still be gathered. Show any pieces of evidence (diaries, pictures, props) to the Police. It is important to understand a bit about how the criminal justice system works before reporting as well. The Statute of Limitations is a time frame in which criminal charges can be filed. The Statute does not begin from the time the crime was discovered or reported, but from the time a crime was committed. Police officers and lawyers will both know the applicable Statutes for your state. Next, please understand that it's not the Police that choose if charges should be pressed. That is solely in the hands of the District Attorney. A lot of people blame Police for not following through, but their hands are just as tied as yours. If Criminal charges were filed, you are not a plaintiff in the case, the State is, so you have no need for a lawyer. In essence, the State IS your lawyer. Understand that for the most part what he has done is criminal and may not provide you much in a civil court. I would honestly speak to a civil court lawyer AND the Police. You do need to find your own lawyer to enter in to a Civil Case. They would be able to best advise you there. I wish you the best of luck, and the quickest of healing in this process.

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