Applying at St. John's University?

Applying at St. John's University? Topic: University essay planning
July 20, 2019 / By Dodie
Question: Apparently, I can apply for this school without having to pay, send recommendations, or even input an essay! Should I give it a try? And is St. John's University (NY) even a good school? I'm in california and planning to major in biology, however I i'm not that much of a bright scholar, but i'm a hard worker. thanks.
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Carlota Carlota | 2 days ago
It is not worth paying the out of state tuition compared to a UC or CSU and the winters in New York are freezing. If you did not apply to a UC or CSU in time, it may be better to work or a year after high school and start at a UC or CSU a year later. Every UC campus and many CSUs are better schools in general academically than St. John's.
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Carlota Originally Answered: Does anything happen if i don't finish applying to a College/University?
No, nothing will happen to you. You will likely get an e-mail, letter, or phone call (usually an e-mail) letting you know that your application was incomplete at the time of the deadline. Some colleges will tell you up-front that you haven't been admitted because of that; others will let you know that they still have spots available if you'd like to finish the application (if they're feeling generous). It's up to you whether to respond to any of that. Having said that...as someone who has worked in admissions, it's really a pain to have abandoned applications sitting around. It costs the colleges money because they keep sending you info and also have to mail you a denial letter, and all of those cents add up. They end up having to maintain files on students who aren't even coming, which takes up space in files cabinets and on hard drives. And it makes it much more difficult for the offices to predict how many spots they're going to have to give out and how many will actually be filled. So if you could, please just send a nice e-mail to the admissions office giving your name and address and tell them that you'd like to withdraw your application -- no need to explain anything, and it's nothing embarrassing for you at all -- and that they can delete you from their applicants list. It makes life easier for everyone, and the admissions staff will really love you for it. :)

Aneta Aneta
Hey, I think it's worth a shot. I know numerous people who got full scholarship to St. John's. On the topic of it's a good school or not, it is good, but of course there are better ones, but if you want to do pharmacy it's excellent, and that works with your biology one without going to advance to something like doctor. I live like 30 blocks from the university and generally speaking I don't think its bad at all.
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Looks are only on the outside. I know it's a cliche to say, “It's the inside that counts,” but it's true. A lot of girls go through this. I’m 27 and I went through it as a teenager and in my early to mid 20s I was very insecure about myself. Society tells us we have to look a certain way to be "beautiful" but the reality of it is this isn't true at all. It's loving yourself and others that makes us beautiful. Ever hear of the law of attraction? It basically says we attract the energy we give out. So if someone is bad-tempered and hateful of themselves and disgruntled with life and depressed and says and thinks to themselves, "I always attract losers," then guess what? They attract, like a magnet, negative energy, negative events, and losers! Nothing ever seems to work out for them. On the other hand, if you practice gratitude for your life, your body, your health, food you eat, your place in the universe, your home, your family, etc. and if you love yourself for how you were made and say, "I love myself and I attract love and abundance into my life," and insist every day that you keep those positive statements in your mind, you'll attract positive energy into your life. The way we think affects so much how our quality of life is…I just learned this myself and whenever you say negative things about yourself, it literally brings you down, it’s like self-abuse in a way. I know this because I used to do the same thing. Whether one believes in the law of attraction or not, it really works—just changing your thinking to positive thoughts alone makes your life better! I have been practicing gratitude for only a short while now and my quality of life is so much better. I have a gratitude journal in which every morning when I wake up I write down 5 things in my life that I am grateful for. Sometimes I do way more than 5. Whenever you are upset or feeling down, you need to stop yourself right then and there and count all your blessings in life. It is a contradiction to feel anger, sadness, any negative emotion if you are living in gratitude. It will lighten your heart immediately, it really works. Now as for your ex boyfriend's words repeating in your head…I was in a very similar situation with my ex. Words and events would play over and over in my head, agonizing me, slowing my progress, and it needed to stop. My doctor told me that whenever that comes about you need to picture a big red stop sign, picture it in your mind, the white lettering, the red background and say in your mind, STOP! and immediately change to another activity and move on. Another thing you can do is keep a rubber band on your wrist and whenever that comes up, snap it and think, STOP! It works really well. By giving into his words, you are letting him win. Don’t give him that energy. Don't let your ex boyfriend ruin your chances for success in life. For yourself, please apply to that college and put the past behind and look at it as just a lesson you had to learn. And tell yourself in the mirror every morning that you are beautiful, inside and out, and if no one agrees with you, they are not the right people for you. It’s what you do for your community, for other human beings, it’s your love for others that counts, not your body’s appearance or whether or not a guy thinks you are beautiful. You believe you are beautiful and you will attract wonderful people in your life. Just give it a try ;) Breathe in Light and Love. Take care.
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