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Does this story make you want to read more? Topic: How to write a story like hunger games
June 20, 2019 / By Artur
Question: Okay, so, I've decided to try and write a book of sorts. Im 13, I know its hard, but Im willing to try, so here's the main story line. The year is 3026. The continents have combined over-time to create two different countries. Africa with America are now known as The State. The rest of the continents are known as The Land (still working on names, any suggestions would be great.) The State is split into different countries known as Sectors, numbered one-seven. In the Land, they have Blocks numbered one-seven. Elyse is fifteen, she'll be sixteen in a few days, she should be excited. But she isn't. In The State, when a child reaches the age of sixteen, they are Taken. People arrive on their birthday, at precisely midnight, to escort the teen from their homes. They have no choice whether they stay or not, either go with them, or refuse, and be forced away.. Where they go, nobody knows. The child doesn't return and won't as far as the the population of The State know... Okay, so thats the main story part, main character is Elyse, her friend Ash is also one of the characters, but not a main one. How does that sound? Would you read more? Should I make Elyse NOT get Taken, or find out something terrible when she IS Taken? Any advice would be great! Thanks.
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Ursula Ursula | 5 days ago
It sound a little bit like the hunger games... Its a good idea but you need to develop the Taken idea, I mean, where are all the adults? What happened to them, were they taken at any point of their life? And maybe she should meet her friend once taken... because if shes taken I doubt she would be kept with people she knows, maybe they could be split in groups of seven, one from each sector or block. I don't know, you need to develop the idea more or it'll look like you copied from the hunger games
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Scheherazade Scheherazade
a good thing to maybe add or explain is the whole taken at 16 thing, are there no adults around then? did the "law" just come in recently? she could be taken along with her friend, but Elyse should escape before she gets to the unknown area and try to save her friend, uncover the truth and stop the maddness just an idea, sry
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