My friend is getting married but I am not sure whether to agree to witness the wedding?

My friend is getting married but I am not sure whether to agree to witness the wedding? Topic: The sisters brothers themes in the great
July 24, 2019 / By Kasey
Question: My husband and I are best friends with an awesome guy. I love him to death as a brother. Well, he has been miserably single for the last five months. His fiance (who has a two and half year old little boy) broke up with him and refused him contact with her son (Not his) who calls him dad.That was a sad story. Well, about two weeks ago she called his sister up, wanted to bring the son over for a visit but didn't want my friend (further referred to as Mike) to be there. Well my friends sister said that she would not tell Mike to leave. The ex (further refered to as Ashley) still came over and ended up getting back together. Well now all is good for about a week until Mike announces to my husband and I that he and Ashley are getting married December 10th. He then goes to Kay's buys her a half carat diamond ring. They go to a theme park with us for a day and during that day they are either furious with each other or all over each other. To the point that it makes me and my husband uncomfortable. She paid for nothing and demanded allot of things. She got mad at him for having a beer, etc. etc. etc. I also saw a side of my friend that I had never seen before. He got offened at the least little thing. Then, after we got back, he dropped another bomb on us. They were getting married in two weeks at the courthouse and they need us to witness. Now her family strongly disapproves and his has tried to talk him out of it but with no sucess. His family is so involved that I wonder why they wouldnt be the witness. So, with this so messed up I must wonder if me and my husband should support my friend because this is his decision to make, or if we shouldn't.Let me add they have dated for 2 and 1/2 years on and off breaking up for 5 times.
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Haward Haward | 5 days ago
Tell him he can do better and you won't witness his getting married until he DOES pick someone better, and he himself grows up. People who have on/off relationships are unlikely to make marriage last a lifetime. Do not support this. When my brother got married, we all tried talking him out of marrying this gal. We were told we didn't know what we were talking about. But we had to stomach the wedding, and stomach her for five years, until my brother finally divorced her. We had to stomach all that, otherwise he would have cut us off and we couldn't have been there for him when he finally divorced her. But this is family. When it's a friend, you don't have to, nor should you, stomach this. I did this with some of my friends. I told them I wasn't going to support them in bad on/off relationships. They later thanked me and learned from that. Being a good friend means being completely honest with him and telling him you aren't going to support this. Good friends do NOT support their friends in making bad life decisions. If he was such a good friend, he wouldn't even ask you to support this circus. He knows where you stand, and wouldn't ask you to compromise your convictions. You can also tell him no decent woman is going to want him being he's involved in such a dysfunctional relationship. I was 29, and my husband was 39 when we married, so we both know what being miserably single is, but I rather be single vs be in such a dysfunctional relationship. In fact, I was in one, but I ended it myself after 9 months when I was 19 and didn't let it become an on/off relationship. Want to know what catapulted me into ending it? One of my best friends was completely honest with me about the loser I was with. She told me she didn't like him, didn't like how he treated me, and that she wasn't supporting the relationship. Remember, we were both 19. We are 37 now and still are great friends.
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Elifaz Elifaz
I am honestly torn on this. If you really can't witness the wedding with a clean conscience then I suggest not doing it. Your friend may be offended, but if it makes you that uncomfortable then it may not be the right thing. I really wish I could help more. Oh, and I understand the need for all the detail but writing a lot tends to keep people from answering your question. I would suggest summarizing it by just saying that a good friend is marrying a toxic woman and that they fight a lot then explain your situation. That may you can get more perspectives on this :) Good luck!
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Chandler Chandler
I'm torn too. On one hand, I think he is a big boy and can make up his own mind about who to marry. Your role as his friend is to be supportive of his decisions, whether you agree with them or not. On the other hand, if it bothers you to this extent, I can certainly see why you don't feel comfortable being there for their wedding. However, think about what this could do to your friendship if you tell him repeatedly you don't agree with his decision, and then refuse to bear witness to his wedding. I think unless you can come up with a good excuse (ie. lie) for why you can't be there that day, you should go and show him your support. Remember - you are only a witness. You are not responsible for his decisions. As his friend, you will be there showing your support for your friend and his decisions - not necessarily showing support (approval) for the marriage itself. I would go and tell him you support him no matter what he does - whether you agree with it or not. You will be there for him when he gets married, and you will be there for him down the road if they are fighting or divorcing, without a word about "I told you so." Being a good friend means being there no matter what - not just when your friend does things you tell them to do. It just wouldn't be fair to tell him what he should do about his love life or marriage.
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Alpine Alpine
I think you need to go with your friends wishes he is big enough to make his own mistakes but at the same time let him know you arent happy and you think he is making a big mistake.
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