Can writing about 2012 for my history essay get me an F?

Can writing about 2012 for my history essay get me an F? Topic: Interesting world history essay topics
May 25, 2019 / By Joash
Question: I am interested in the topic but is it really historically accurate? I am not going to include my beliefs.I just want to write about how the Mayans predicted it and all the history behind it.What do u think?I am sick and tired of writing about World War,Apartheid or Hitler.
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Best Answers: Can writing about 2012 for my history essay get me an F?

Gray Gray | 9 days ago
How long is this project? I have a student that I am helping with his senior project and he is discussing the apocalypse. Topics he includes in the paper are: The end of the Mayan calendar The book of Revelation The Gnostic gospels The prophesy of Nostradamus The writings of the ancient Sumerians The Kolbrin Bible The way he approached his paper is by simply discussing the facts and explaining what is fueling the hype, not buying into the hype itself. By discussing more than one source he is able to establish a somewhat historical basis for the claims of 2012. One thing that he did steer away from (which I advise you to do as well) is actually stating that the world is going to end, or that any of these sources are set in stone. It is simply a cross refrence of historical and literary documents which all deal with the end of times. If you need help you can send me an email and I would be more that glad to poiunt you in the right direction if you decide to do this. If you are just looking for more interesting topics, I may be able to help you come up with some as well.
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Gray Originally Answered: History/essay writing help?
Well, it affected writing first because there were many fewer people to write wherever the black death struck (and killed many writers and potential writers). But it also shows up in lots of literary works. For example, Samuel Pepys writes about the plague in his famous diary from the 17th century (a resurgence of the plague). In the 14th century, Giovanni Boccaccio wrote all about the plague, and it pervades The Decameron, his most famous work. Petrarch, the famous Italian poet, also wrote a lot against the backdrop of the Black Death. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales refer to it, as well. There's more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Death...
Gray Originally Answered: History/essay writing help?
It all starts in elementary school when we were forced, yes forced, by our teachers to write a book report which we then had to present to the class and turn in to our teachers. This evolved in middle school and high school into learning to write more critically, analysing works of literature and even reading multitudinous essays and books to see how people before and during our time have contributed to the canon of good writing skills.

Dugal Dugal
Well, you are going to run into a little trouble. First of all, your history teacher is going to point out that it is NOT history, it's fiction. Second problem ..... What DID the Mayans predict? You haven't read up on this subject, have you? THERE ARE NO MAYAN PREDICTIONS RELATED TO 2012. The situation began with the knowledge that the Mayan Calendar we found ends in the year 2012. What does that mean? It means absolutely nothing. It simply means that the calendar we found ends on 2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_calend... You will have to go to Maya Mythology to see their ancient beliefs on the "End of the World" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayan_mytho... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_calend... So, as you see, the paper you are considering in doing has no information to back it up. It would be a fictional story. If you still wanted to do something with this ...... write a paper on the Mayan Calendar, you can add a note about Mayan mythology and how people have confused this 2012 / End of the World crap.
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Brose Brose
It isn't the best topic out there, but it definitely has some great potential. Just be sure to link it to the actual history of the Mayans, and not the hype of the 2012 movie. After all it is history, have fun with it
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Brose Originally Answered: I'm writing an essay for World History, will someone help me please?
It seems to me that your three factors would have led to the subsistence of mankind, which is far below a civilisation level. The Macquarie Dictionary defines civilisation as 'an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of art, science, religion and governance has been reached.' In order to reach the above level, these people would have had to be living in conditions such as you describe long enough not to be overly worried about their living conditions. They would need this kind of security in order to devote time to art, and also to be cohesive as a society so that they needed substantial public buildings to accommodate their meetings. They would have needed some kind of permanent history of the ideas of their ancestors in order to understand their common beliefs. Then, they would have had to be able to communicate these ideas for the general public. Sorry if I have upset your ideas, and also sorry that you may have to rethink your answer again.So I am merely offering suggestions which I have not fully thought through myself. I know you can take it or leave it. It is up to you. Good luck in either case!

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