Is there a book to learn?

Is there a book to learn? Topic: Basic how to write a short story
May 25, 2019 / By Prunella
Question: One day my brother drew a wonderful picture of bob marley(he likes him a lot)and after that day I just wanted to learn how to draw badly he inspired me anyway its pretty hard and I can't ask my brother to help he usually busy all the time is there a book that shows you the guidelines and more in the public library or something because I wanna become a very good drawer and I wanna learn everything the basic,etc and if ya can give the name of the book that would be lovely
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Mckayla Mckayla | 10 days ago
Ok I think it is cool that you want to artistic however just do what you want with drawing or painting or sculpting the only thing I think you need is someone who can mentor you and show you different types of creating art also consider writing weather it be poetry which by the way dose not have to rhyme or write short stories or just whatever comes to you it doesn't matter what other people think of your creative works as long as you are satisfied with the finished product. Since it sounds like your in school and I know school probably just started since my youngest sister just started school about two weeks ago let your guidance counselor know that you would like to take some art classes or creative writing workshops or maybe even Drama classes.
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you really like grammar? Maybe I'd recommend "Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge" by Kathleen Stokker (U of Wisconsin Press). I wrote the workbook for it. If you are really motivated, try "Sett i Gang" by Nancy Aarsvold and Kari Lie. But I'd say it would be hard without a teacher. I learned with Einar Haugen's Spoken Norwegian, but the tapes are really hard to come by these days. I like Hugo's Norwegian in XXX? months, but I don't know about any spoken parts. Agree on "free" websites. You can perhaps pick up some words, and be amused, but hardly learn. My website (below) gives some really easy (and not really that good) lessons, lots of suggestions for sources. If you like grammar, consider my Norwegian grammar: Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar. Once you learn a bit, maybe join the Facebook group I administer, "Ja jeg snakker litt norsk" -- lots of discussions about Norwegian, maybe not enough in Norwegian.

Laurie Laurie
Go to the public library and browse through their learning to draw books. Find the non-fiction section and the shelves that have 741 on them. Also check the Kid's section in the same numbers. Whatever books I name might not be available in your particular library. You're better off just browsing and finding which kind of book helps you the most.
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Joan Joan
Don't quit now! You've practically received the English language beneath manage. Just one or 2 extra attempts and men and women could even understand simply what the hell you are speaking approximately! Good good fortune!
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Frederica Frederica
There are several different books that teach you how to draw, and in many different styles. It takes patience, and you have to be careful - You could very well end up without your own style and/or creations, and just be drawing what they teach.
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*"What The Buddha Taught: Revised and Expanded Edition with Texts from Suttas and Dhammapada" By: Venerable Walpola Sri Rahula provides an excellent introduction to Buddhism. California Literary Review contains a thorough review of the book: http://calitreview.com/184 Yes, there is a Zen Buddhist Bible. It contains versions of foundational Buddhist texts designed to provide spiritual seekers with the heart of the Zen message. Writing at a time when Buddhism was greatly misunderstood in the West, Dwight Goddard hoped to bring a new and deep understanding to light. His mission was not only to explain Buddhism to his fellow Americans but to show how the ancient religion could be made relevant to modern problems. However, there is no "holy" text in Buddhism that is the equivalent of the Bible, Torah or Koran, which are thought to be the word of God. In Buddhism there are many sutras, which are recordings of teachings given by The Buddha. The Buddha said that no one should simply believe what he said, but we should all think for ourselves and discover the truth through analytical mediation. May all being be happy and free from suffering.

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