How can I not eat so much.read on?

How can I not eat so much.read on? Topic: Xz homework
July 23, 2019 / By Alpin
Question: I'm not overweight by any means but I feel like I'm gonna get huge if I keep eating a lot...ice cream is my new comfort food. I've been wicked stressed with school and college stuff and clubs and stuff lately that all I do is eat and worry, haha...such a mess. And it's not like I do any sports right now because the sport that I do is a spring sport...so I won't get a lot of exerise until March... How can I quit eating so much...I don't see any effects right now but yeah Thanks guys! And I didn't say I was fat Dee u fool haha.:-)
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Tessie Tessie | 8 days ago
first of all, stressing about over-eating isn't gonna help you with your stress... second of all, you're still young and growing. i'm not giving you an excuse to eat crap food all day long, but you shouldn't worry too much about being hungry. i am probably not at all qualified to answer this question since i am a chronic emotional eater and oreo aficionado, but as someone who went through the whole college application process, i can tell you that it's not as important as you think it is. yes, it is a big deal and i am not trying to belittle the anxiety and pressure that comes with it, but i am telling you that you're most probably making it a bigger deal than it is. take a few deep breaths and step back whenever you feel overwhelmed. remember that you are intelligent, and you are going to college, whether or not you stress yourself out over it. i'm not saying to catch a huge case of senioritis (really, be careful of that :)), but your health is always more important than stupid homework, etc. if it is between pulling an all-nighter to do a half-assed job on an english project and getting a good night's sleep to stave off every 15-20 year old's worst nightmare: mono; go for the sleep and make a vow to schedule things out to the best of your ability to not get in that hole again. it's easy to lose hope and think that things are utterly impossible, but try not to. when you get in this position, you get paralyzed and you're worse off than if you just didn't do any work at all. the last of my school related recommendations is that with your clubs and "stuff", if possible, try to shrug off some of the responsibility onto someone who wants it (i.e. some poor junior looking to boost their college resume :P). i am not at all saying that you should abandon your clubs and responsibilities, but don't put organizing the bake sale before writing your college essay. it doesn't matter if the application for XYZ University is due February 1st, try to get it done in a scheduled manner before then. there's nothing worse than filling out an application the night before it's due. phew, now that being said, i'm going to move into my area of no expertise whatsoever and be hypocritical :) since you play a spring sport, you should probably be getting some exercise to begin conditioning now. i don't think the suicides you're gonna have to run in march are gonna be even semi-bearable if you're eating more crap than you usually do. i'm sure that every spring when that sport starts, you wish that you spent the winter at least preparing for it, right? at least this was the case with my friends (usually it just takes one vomiting during training for them to kick themselves for being lazy - again, hypocritical of me to say :P - all winter). so this winter, try to make a little time to exercise. it will make you feel better and it will make you more fit. if you are one of those people that can read while you work out at the gym (i.e. on the elliptical or bike), you can do that if you feel overwhelmed, or you can contemplate what you want to write for your essay in your head as you run or you can just spend that time relaxing. most of all, despite everything that i've said (i.e. the advice i should've/wished i'd followed), i'm gonna go with my most earnest theory here, and tell you that if you wanna eat that freakin' ice cream, just eat it and don't beat yourself up over it too much. really, if you're young and you can handle it, as long as you don't rely solely on that for comfort, who gives, right? :P
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Rosalyn Rosalyn
isn't it obvious? where there's stress, there's usually food. so 1) try to relieve some of the stress and 2) get rid of the food seriously this really works i used to eat when i was stressed but i found that the best thing to do is just finish what's left of all your snacks and ice cream and stuff and just....don't buy more gaspppppp i know, it's hard to process but it works eventually, you just stop craving food and you'll feel a little better about your weight if all else fails, join a gym XD
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