How to publish a fanfiction story?

How to publish a fanfiction story? Topic: Wikihow to write a book
July 23, 2019 / By Ella
Question: Look im having a problem aboit publishing my fanfic story. Can anyone pls. Help me about this ??
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Chip Chip | 4 days ago
Your question seems a bit confusing. If your asking how to upload you story to FanFiction than I can help you but if your asking to plubish it than I doubt you can due to copyright. To upload to FanFiction go to this website: http://www.wikihow.com/Submit-a-Fanfiction-to-Fanfiction.Net To publish: It depends where or how you want to publish. A major roadblock is copyright. If you want to publish it in youtube thats fine millions of people do that! But if you want to publish it as a book, then it gets really complicated. Someone else owns that book, movie, or etc that your writing about and you have to get permision. If my answer doesn't help you please feel free to PM me for a better answer: SimplyDorelle
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Chip Originally Answered: For those who go on Fanfiction.net: Can't I post a story which came from a short story?
I'm assuming your short story is actually fanfiction and not original fiction? If it's OF then you should go to the sister site: Fictionpress.com. Anyway, for fanfic you don't need a separate "Short Story" category; stories of all lengths show up together. Although, it is possible to sort by number of words when searching for a fic. When you upload your story you get the option to choose two genres. These can be: All Adventure Angst Crime Drama Family Fantasy Friendship General Horror Humor Hurt/Comfort Mystery Parody Poetry Romance Sci-fi Spiritual Supernatural Suspense Tragedy Western

Amasai Amasai
You cannot publish fanfiction because somebody already owns the copyright to the contents of the original. If it's about real people, your chances of serious consideration for publication is very slim.
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Tiffany Tiffany
No. That stated, Amazon are setting up a device the place you would be waiting to. it particularly is for a _very_ constrained set of fandoms, you lose the rights to any of your person aspects interior the memories, and you are able to persist with some strict content fabric rules.
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Rowanne Rowanne
You can not publish fan fiction because it's someone else's idea. That is the dumbest question someone can ask. PUBLISH YOUR OWN WORK.
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Rowanne Originally Answered: How can I improve my fanfiction story?
Well, the way you can improve your writing is to just keep writing. I know, it sounds like a stupid piece of advice, but practice really does make perfect. Also, I read a bit of your story (you might want to add that it's about Naruto in your description) and you switch between past and present tense a lot. And you use the word 'then' a lot. As for your other problem about your older stories getting more reviews, that's happened to me as well. I think it's a problem a lot of people go through. The thing is that a lot of fangirls/boys have these little fantasies and then they sort of create their own stories and put an OC-self insert in it. Most of these stories aren't that well written, but because it has that quality where they want to be in those shoes, they enjoy reading it. It's not just fanfiction, it's real stories too. There are some stories like Twilight (if you're a Twilight fan, then I apologize) that have many flaws, but because the whole romance appeals to people, it gets popular. This is just what I think, it could be false. So, you shouldn't worry too much about that and just ignore it.

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