Southwestern Bell Damaged My Sewer System, What Should I Do?

Southwestern Bell Damaged My Sewer System, What Should I Do? Topic: How to write a letter addressing the court
June 25, 2019 / By Aerynn
Question: I recently purchased a home and had the water utilities turned on. I noticed that the toliet would not flush. I called a plumber and after he unclogged the main sewer line. We noticed that it is a telephone wire running through the sewer system drain pipe going into the city sewer system. A couple of years ago the telephone company ran new wires under ground all around the city. And apparently who every dug the trenches, trenched through my sewer line. I need information n What should I do, and how do I contact there corporate office. And what should I say?
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Theobald Theobald | 7 days ago
First off, Get a statement and a copy of the bill from the plumber you called out stating it was the telephone company's responsibility. I don't know the address of Southwestern Bell, but it should be easy with a few phone calls. second step is to write a certified letter stating the damages with a COPY of the plumbers statements. This should get the ball rolling. A phone call does not ensure your rights, but a letter does. Third, if they are not cooperative sue in small claims court in your district. Sounds as if you have a firm case, but remember small claims will only let you recover actual cost and losses. Good Luck
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