My sons school wants to visit my house 2 see if i live there?

My sons school wants to visit my house 2 see if i live there? Topic: The sister state of texas is considered to be
May 25, 2019 / By Tami
Question: i use to live in dallas and i moved to a lil town. i haven't had a chance to renew my i.d. but when i went to enroll my son she saw that my i.d was expired and made no comment well today i receive a call from the administrated office and the lady tells me that we have a problem.1 was the i.d which i told her that i would take care of so she gave me 8 days including sat and sun. the she made a comment that my mailing address was in dallas and that i couldn't do that. i told her that i had a problem with people stealing my mail in the country and in the city where my mom live nobody gets the mail well she said i still couldn't use a different mailing address. so why do they put a space for a different mailing address. well last she said that i would get a visit from somebody during the week to make sure i live where i say that i live at. can they do this. are my civil rights being violated. she i talk to a supervisor i really thing they are over doing this . should i get TEA involved and a civil rights group involved? yes i live there. do they do this to EVERYONE. no i dont think so. but i do run a buisness im not a stay at home mom. so im not there at home 9-5
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Rheta Rheta | 8 days ago
I know that things are insane in the USA right now, but I feel that you're right. Frankly, it's none of their business where you get your mail at. As long as you get your mail. I assume you can prove it is your child. The so-called law enforcement authorities could track you down if needs be, so where you live doesn't need to be verified by the school. It's not like you just moved there from a different state. I would point-out that they are NOT visiting your home unless they visit the home of EVERY single family enrolled in that school, no matter how well or how long they think they have known the family. I suppose there's no other school you could send your child to? I'd consider moving, if possible. When you get into a small communitee full of officious busy-bodies who have a Hitler complex, you're up the river without a paddle. If you cause problems, they WILL take it out on your child and make your life as hard as possible. Your family could be shunned by the entire communitee. The US government is now a fascist regime. It ceased to be a democratic-republic about 7 years ago. In the name of safety and National Security, your rights to privacy are forfeit. This is the reality of the situation. It should be enough to verify that you have not kidnapped a child and that there are no signs of child abuse/neglect. Do not open the door to these people. I wouldn't even answer it. If they think they have cause to visit your home, they MUST have a law-enforcement agent and a Child Protective Services person. Below is a link to an article which explains what these people must have in order to be admitted to your home. Start by calling the School Administration who is responsible for that school. Explain to them that you know your rights and will not have them trampled on by their school officials. If they feed you the same Nazi crap, then I would definitely contact any special interest group who is willing to involve themselves. You might also consult with a lawyer. Do NOT overlook the press. You can sometimes bring pressure to bear by bringing in the press. They might be interested in the fascist regime aspect of the story. I've had more mail stolen in the city than in the country, but everyone has their own experiences. I thought that you could send your child to any school you want to now in the US? That's how it was in Louisville and how it is in Missouri where my sister lives. If that is the case in Texas, then it isn't ANY of their business if you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi or where ever. The last two links deal with the TEA rules regarding preventing missing children and potential child abuse/neglect. I see nothing that says that they have the right to visit your home if they suspect that you do not reside where you claim to. Unless they have reasonable grounds for suspecting child abuse/neglect, it appears that they haven't any right to visit your home or to check-up on you. edit: The other people who have answered are part of the problem, not the solution. THAT is why we are losing our rights! People who aren't well educated enough to realize that it is a matter of principle. You MUST protect and defend your rights. If you fail to, you WILL lose them. Do you people really enjoy not being allowed to express perfectly normal and healthy emotions? Just because of a few people who are not intelligent enough to realize that there ARE healthy out-lets for anger and frustration? Do you want these people coming to YOUR home and criticizing how you rear your child? I'm wasting my time. Clearly there are many people who have not been adequately educated as to the nature of the issue of personal privacy in a "democratic" state.
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Mildreth Mildreth
dun be so angry man!!! this is up to your decision and no one could never and ever make his decision for you.now the ball is is your hand and u could pass it to anyone u like, just like handling this problem. now you take a deep breath and think hard.i can only say this much. good luck ^_^!!
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Mildreth Originally Answered: What do you think of this letter to my sons school?
Where you wrote "I am not requesting you change or alter anything in your school, I am only requesting certain things for my child" I might change that last part to.. I am only requesting my child be excluded from certain things. Overall i think its a great letter and i might write a letter for my daughters teach as well since she just began kindergarten this week in a public school. I have addressed the pork/gelatin issue with the teacher already but my child knows not to eat anything i didnt send with her. I am still thinking about how to address the issue of holidays (especially halloween and christmas) with the teacher. I think it is a good idea to write a letter like this and your is very well written.
Mildreth Originally Answered: What do you think of this letter to my sons school?
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