How do I fix this motorcycle problem? Doesn't think it's in neutral.?

How do I fix this motorcycle problem? Doesn't think it's in neutral.? Topic: Gear case stands
May 25, 2019 / By Zeruiah
Question: After I've been riding for a bit, sometimes when I shift into neutral the neutral light may flicker like it's not really sure if it's in neutral or not. If I let it keep running the light may eventually turn solid, but if I don't and I put the kickstand down it will shut off the engine like it's supposed to if it were in gear. This normally isn't a huge problem, but if I happen to stall the bike it can take a little while to get it started again until I can convince it that it really is in neutral. Happened at a four way stop the other day, was pretty embarrassing. Took a lot of attempts with various combinations of kickstand up/down, clutch in/out; bike leaning on the kickstand even seemed to make a difference! Thanks for the help. I've tried pulling in the clutch too, sometimes that's just as likely to kill the engine if the bike's being like this. It's weird, sometimes if I get it started with the green light on showing it knows it's in neutral with the clutch OUT, then I got to put it in gear and it kills the engine as soon as I pull the clutch IN. But this is only if I've been riding and turn the bike off/stall. When I'm starting fresh in the morning or whatever it doesn't happen. 2003 CBR 600 F4i
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Shena Shena | 8 days ago
Sounds like the neutral switch. On most Japanese bikes it's located on the end of the shifting drum which will be behind the cover where the shift lever is located. There's a rather complicated starting interlock scheme that includes the neutral switch, clutch lever switch and kickstand switch, which is why the engine dies when you put the stand down. You should be able to loosen or remove the clutch cable, remove the shift lever and the screws holding the engine cover on. The shifting drum is often located near the top of the transmission case forward of the shift lever shaft. The switch will likely be round or square and about the size of a half dollar more or less and will have one or two wires going to it. Check to make sure the switch isn't loose or damaged. If not, check for corrosion on the contacts and squirt something like WD40 on it while working the shift lever up and down (after replacing it temporarily). If the bike is chain drive, chain lube may have gummed up the switch, in which case contact cleaner or carb cleaner may need to be used to remove the grease from the switch contacts. Sometimes the switch is slightly misaligned and rotating it one direction or another will fix the problem. In a worst case scenario, you may have to replace the switch if it is actualy faulty.
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Pearle Pearle
Pulling in the clutch should allow the starter to work, so you don't need neutral Neutral is a vague area in bikes, there is no real spot it's just between 1&2. If the bike cuts off by the neutral switch it wasn't in neutral.
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Marilyn Marilyn
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Kristal Kristal
Check your neutral/neutral safety switch. The wiring might be frayed and grounding out causing an intermittent problem, or the switch itself could be faulty.
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Jayne Jayne
Could be a switch, could be a diode but then this could be any bike in the world! No make No model No year No answer
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Evonne Evonne
if you can not get it sorted out, then look through a wiring diagram, and see where your neutural sensor is positioned, it may just be a loose wire if that is the case or maybe the sensor is shot.
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