What part of excellent credit and excellent GPA don't job applicants understand nowadays?

What part of excellent credit and excellent GPA don't job applicants understand nowadays? Topic: Cover letter for job application engineer
July 23, 2019 / By Ahab
Question: As a hiring manager I am appalled to see piles and piles of applications who fail to have excellent credit score. Per the hiring guidelines submitted by the board, an applicant must have minimum of 840 score to qualify for job along with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.8 in a field like engineering, computer science or math only. Often we pay a lot for job ads that specifically list "excellent credit score" , "excellent GPA" and at least bachelor degree in a technology field or science. The problem is over 99.9% applicants do not have 840 credit score and don't have at least 3.8 GPA. Also a lot of degrees that are totally out of consideration such as bachelor of arts, or bachelor of science in international studies, etc etc keep pouring in. Don't these applicants read instructions? Are they blind? The staff shreds 800 lbs of job applications every week that fail to meet qualifying criteria. If you are ignoring the job qualification and still send application then you are a lowlife IMHO. And even if the applicant does meet these standards, he/she must provide the facebook password too before consideration. We dismiss candidates who say they have no facebook or do not provide password. It is extremely rare an applicant will go through all these stages without any problem. Nick: That wasn't an answer. You get violation too An awful lot of applicant don't even write cover letters. America is dumbing down or what? If such trend goes on, we will outsource these jobs to India. The board is already open to this
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Sukie Sukie | 6 days ago
I am sure when you outsource job to India, you will not even require the indian to have a degree, GPA, or credit. Way to go.
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Rachyl Rachyl
An 840 credit score is rarer than 3.8 GPA. Do you honestly require it? You can't even get 840 unless you have 10+ years of perfect credit history AND plenty of available credit. Many extremely responsible people who pay cash for things don't even use credit, so requiring an 840 is absurd. Possibly, people see your ad and think "oh, it's one of those impossibly high standards", I'll apply anyway and see if I do well enough compared to other applicants to be considered. They also may think, I'm good enough to do the job even though the HM is a complete tool.
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Melinda Melinda
As someone with a job, I'm appalled to see companies continue the invasive and ridiculous practice of checking credit. In all honesty, "good credit" is what happened to the housing market. Sure, they limited their loan approvals to those people with great credit. Credit reports have hurt the economy far worse than help it. I'm sure a bill you forgot 9 years ago for a $10 co-payment at the doctors office makes you unemployable. If you don't have a credit card, you have bad credit. If you have a medical bill that's late, you have bad credit. In a nutshell, if people don't have a job, how on earth can they maintain their credit?
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Leatrice Leatrice
It is today's economy stupid - just quoting I have great credit because I am naturally frugal . Which means that I have very little credit at all . I believe in paying cash for almost every thing
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