8th grade CST testing stress! PLEASE HELP?

8th grade CST testing stress! PLEASE HELP? Topic: Answer questions in essay format word
June 25, 2019 / By Egbert
Question: im in the 8th grade and CST(California state testing) is starting tommorow!!!! im taking tests for all the following: algebra1, PE, chemistry, and social studies....im really stressed out because i have applied for all honors classes in high school and have enrolled in2 the IB(internationa Baccelaurate)program. hopefully ill be enrolled in spanish 2, geometry honors, english honors, biology honors, and world history honors IB!!! i have heard from friends in high school that these CST tests are extremly challenging!! if i do not recieve an advanced score of above a 400 on any of these tests, they will take me out of the advanced classes im taking. i feel very stressed because i think that if i dont reach my full potential on these tests my future in high school, college, and probably college will be ruined!! tommorow i am taking my algebra 1 test and i comprehend most of the standards except for word problems. i am terrible at these and we have been learning them throughout the whole year and i still dont understand them. My friend notified me that a full section will be on word problems. i no i wont be ready for this and i also know that i will not be able to understand these in just one day...please help calm me down and tell me any things and give tips on what i can do in which can effect my scores, get my brain energized, stop panicking for these tests...my mom has already given me fish oil which she says supposedly calms the nerves and gets your brain working....i appreciate all the help and am desperate!!!
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Carbry Carbry | 1 day ago
Well, first of all realize that it is not the end of your future if you do poorly on a test. I'm not sure how flexible your school system is but even if you don't score 400 you may be able to convince somebody you belong in the class through other means (like an essay). As for specific tips, just don't let word problems psyche you out. All they usually are are a couple normal problems combined into one with a bunch of useless information thrown in (like "Sally is late for work today" or whatever to make it look long and intimidating). Its usually in your best interest to draw a picture of the situation and scan for the important information you'll need (usually numbers). There is nothing new to understand that you haven't already learned: it is only a different format of question. Lastly, just trust your instincts when you're not sure of something, and move on. More often than not they'll be right, and if not you might suddenly realize the answer later on if not. Also, finish all the easy questions first and save the hard ones for last, as you'll be less stressed that you won't have enough time to finish. Oh, and get to sleep early tonight and eat a good breakfast. I'm going to be doing the same things for my AP Stats test tomorrow. Good luck to you! (and me)
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Allan Allan
settle down, these cst test are virtually unimportant. Yes, they do use them for placement, but thats only the initial schedule. You can always change what u have, besides counselor usually encourage students to take the challenging classes as they see that these student are looking forward to learning. If doesnt happen, just get your parents involved. Also, some more advice, your freshmen year is not that important. Colleges place emphasis on 10th and 11th grade marks, and closely see how you have improved or stayed consistant. It is only 8th grade and you're already spastic, relax because it only gets worse after this. -t only gets worse when your president of clubs, have a job, and trying to manage 5 or 6 ap classes. For now enjoy the fact that colleges see nothing before freshmen year and these score have absolutely no barring on ur admissions. Your school just says this because if scores are low the state can get involved and teacher will be laid off. To tell u the truth, they're just looking out for their own asses, i think u should just look out for your own.
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Tara Tara
Oh my goodness...you aren't even in high school yet. Do you want the rest of your life to be just like it is for you right this moment? Then keep it up. You will be a basket case until you kick the bucket. Life, school, and the world does not get easier as you get older. It gets much, much more difficult. Take a deeeeeep breath. Think about faith, family, friends, health, and beauty. Which of these have ANYTHING to do with how well you do on the CST? Right, none. These are the things that actually matter. Just do your best. Your best is good enough. Never believe the lie that you are "ruined" or "failing" if you do not reach some magical goal. You need to strive for peace, honesty, and beauty. Rest well, and calmly do your best.
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Rio Rio
just calm down. you will be fine. trust me, i just finished taking the CST algebra test, and it is easy. if you stay calm, you'll do better. trust me, it always works!
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