Anyone heard of this scam?

Anyone heard of this scam? Topic: Evaluating a research report
June 25, 2019 / By Johnnie
Question: I received a letter from a company called Affordable Research Center. The sent me a check for $4865 and they want me to cash it then wire $4465 to someone in Oklahoma using Money Gram. Then I'm suppose to evaluate Money Gram and send my findings to them. Then I'm suppose to take $100 and spend it at Home Depot, The GAP or WalMart and report my experience. I get to keep $300 for my "pay". they said they sent me this in response to my search for part time income with Consumer Survey Specialists. The company address is in Oklahoma but the letter came from Canada. Go figure. Who do I report this too?
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Best Answers: Anyone heard of this scam?

Habakkuk Habakkuk | 3 days ago
Oh wow. If they sent you a real cheque, that's weird. Most scams require you to pay THEM... Go ask your local police station, or find a lawyer you can talk to for a few mins. JUST NOTICED!! DO NOT wire them money. Their cheque will bounce in a week or two, then you will be stuck in debt $4465, and still have to front the bounce charges. Just shred and toss it.
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Dyson Dyson
It is a scam to get your personal information and/or money. Do not respond to it. Report it to yahoo, so they are aware. Forward to [email protected] or [email protected] (If it involves a lot of money) And for your E-mail safety, remember: Never open E-mail unless you are absolutley sure of who sent it, treat ALL others as spam. Never give out your personal information out to anyone, be it E-mail, snail mail, phone calls or at your front door.
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Butch Butch
ITS a complete scam,they will call you and tell, send them there money before that fake check clears your bank..then you will be on the hook for 4865.00.Scam.
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