Why do most people think I'm a bad person (not much of a question)?

Why do most people think I'm a bad person (not much of a question)? Topic: How to write a book report for fifth grade
July 23, 2019 / By Madai
Question: My mom tells all of her friends that I'm a trouble maker, my dad thinks I'll get him kicked out of the Air Force, my sister says I'll end up in jail one day. The whole reason is because I wrote a little on a skate park. I know it doesn't matter how much I did, I still committed vandalism. They had to do an investigation (pictures,questions, the whole shebang), I had to appear in court, and now I have to pull out the old damp weeds of a football field every Saturday for five weeks (goodbye, plans). My mates did it and got caught, too, but they didn't get anything for a punishment. And they did way more than I did, and when I mean way more, I mean tracing each other's bodies all over the ramps, oversized unrealistic penises on the benches, big letters that say "I HATE _ _ _!". I haven't done anything bad since then, and that was last year. I grew up a lot over the summer, and I realized how immature I was, how dumb I was. I still have my report card from last year, which consists of Cs and Ds. Now my grades are As and Bs, and my mom still calls me "Bad girl" and doesn't like my friends. I don't even talk to them. I show her my grades ever week, she's never impressed, never proud of me. She doesn't support my dreams of becoming a writer and an art teacher. I spent 4 months this year writing a book and she just tells me,"That was stupid." I might as well write a cheesy story about sparkly,900 -year old vampire that can't make up his mind about love just to impress her. Well, as you can probably tell this is more a venting thing than a question, sorry. Just tell me your opinions, keep them positive, please. Peace is powerful, use it. @spy_otica, you think I'd stoop down to that level? I will not slap my mom in the face, no matter what. You're not helping at all, you're just making me even more frustrated.
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Jehonathan Jehonathan | 3 days ago
Don't sweat it, your a teenager. I'm sure your mom did the same things you did as a teenager, if not worse. You did learn from your lesson. Perhaps you should put yourself in a new environment though, so you'll be more liked. i.e new friends, new state of thinking (positive). Do some chores around the house without your mom asking, that ALWAYS helps lol.
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First of all, I like the way you tempt people by highlighting ten points:-) And Thanx a million for answering my question.. You really have good knowledge and Sense of Humor:-) You will soon get your ten points:-) Answer is:- Cambridge University researchers have discovered that whether someone is a 'people-person' may depend on the structure of their brain: the greater the concentration of brain tissue in certain parts of the brain, the more likely they are to be a warm, sentimental person. Why is it that some of us really enjoy the company of others while some people are detached and independent? In an effort to explore these questions, Maƫl Lebreton and colleagues from the Cambridge Department of Psychiatry, in collaboration with Oulu University, Finland, examined the relationship between personality and brain structure in 41 male volunteers. The volunteers underwent a brain scan using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). They also completed a questionnaire that asked them to rate themselves on items such as 'I make a warm personal connection with most people', or 'I like to please other people as much as I can'. The answers to the questionnaire provide an overall measure of emotional warmth and sociability called social reward dependence. The researchers then analysed the relationship between social reward dependence and the concentration of grey matter (brain-cell containing tissue) in different brain regions. They found that the greater the concentration of tissue in the orbitofrontal cortex (the outer strip of the brain just above the eyes), and in the ventral striatum (a deep structure in the centre of the brain), the higher they tended to score on the social reward dependence measure. The research is published in the European Journal of Neuroscience. Dr Graham Murray, who is funded by the Medical Research Council and who led the research, said: "Sociability and emotional warmth are very complex features of our personality. This research helps us understand at a biological level why people differ in the degrees to which we express those traits." But he cautioned, "As this research is only correlational and cross-sectional, it cannot prove that brain structure determines personality. It could even be that your personality, through experience, helps in part to determine your brain structure." Interestingly, the orbitofrontal cortex and ventral striatum have previously been shown to be important for the brain's processing of much simpler rewards like sweet tastes or sexual stimuli. Dr Murray explained: "It's interesting that the degree to which we find social interaction rewarding relates to the structure of our brains in regions that are important for very simple biological drives such as food, sweet liquids and sex. Perhaps this gives us a clue to how complex features like sentimentality and affection evolved from structures that in lower animals originally were only important for basic biological survival processes." The research could also lead to new insights into psychiatric disorders where difficulties in social interaction are prominent, such as autism or schizophrenia. "Patients with certain psychiatric conditions often experience difficulties in feeling emotional closeness, and this can have a big impact on their life. It could be that the cause of these difficulties is at least partly due to brain structural features of those disorders," said Dr Murray.

Gaylon Gaylon
All that matters is what you think of yourself. Are you a bad girl? I don't think so if you learned the lessons your crime should have taught you. Vandalism is stealing. It wasn't yours to deface and yet you did. Do you plan to do it again in the future or is it out of your system. You didn't mention any deviant sexuality other than drawing genitalia on benches, but are you promiscuous? That would make you "bad" in others estimation. But it all comes down to how you view yourself. Despite no one supporting your dreams, including family members, if you believe in yourself, it really shouldn't and doesn't matter at all what anyone else thinks about you but you. Knock em dead! I'd love to read your story someday. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. Happy belated Veteran's Day, I salute you even if your dad doesn't.
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Deye Deye
from revel in ive had each a well early life a million-12 then whilst i grew to become an adolescent my mom and dad divorced and we struggled alot i could need to say it entirely relies on how the character see matters in his existence going by way of each i strayed off into dangerous matters medicinal drugs and what now not however now im a far better character i found out at the same time suffering among proper and flawed soooo i determined i wasnt going to be BAD i converted my conduct and issues..there may be a few fact in what your pronouncing however commonly something would occur dangerous persons come from well and dangerous childhoods well persons come from well and dangerous childhoods additionally it simply is dependent which means the little one comes to a decision to head. Just in view that i finished up there (dangerous tennage existence) i knew i wasnt going to stick there.
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Beverley Beverley
most parents are negative unsupportive forces. the key is to not listen to the negativity.. you are clearly a good writer from your 'rant' ;o) dont listen to anyone, if you want to write, do it. or you will reach your 30s and regret that you didnt. you gotta be strong, if you want something,then do it. regardless of the negative energy sucking vampires that are amongst us in reality! as for the vandalism thing, yeh they are just giving you a hard time. if you keep calm, and peaceful eventually they will see that you have learnt and they should stop digging at you. most important thing for you to see here is that while parents are wise and have lots of life experience, they arent necessarily always right. they are human.. and you gotta love them for that!
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Abnor Abnor
well you have here a few lessons in life, life isn't fair and your parents are doing the right thing in giving you a hard time and it's clearly working as you are thinking about your behaviour.
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My two younger brothers who are twins speak like that. It's always "Jake wants to watch the football game" or "Josh wants a Coca-Cola." Yes, it's VERY annoying. Sometimes I swear they're mentally ill. They think they're so funny, but it's really annoying. My brothers are twelve-years-old, by the way.

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