Potty training my soon to be 3 year old son?

Potty training my soon to be 3 year old son? Topic: What is case method training
July 23, 2019 / By Gabriella
Question: So I've been potty training my son for the last 3 days. He has done soooooooooooo well when he's completely naked. Only had 2 accidents in the very beginning. Now, he runs to the bathroom gets on and only calls me to wipe him now. But, as soon as I put underwear on him, he uses it as a diaper. He does so well when naked lol. What can I do to get him to not go in his underwear? Love my babies: Just so you know, most boys are potty trained between the ages of 3 and 4. He's only started showing interest in the potty now. So that's why I waited.
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Davinia Davinia | 9 days ago
Potty training a boy can be tricky. I also went with the naked method lol. It works very well until it comes time to putting on the underwear. What I did was ask my son every half hour if he had to go to the potty. After an hour and a half, if he didn't go, I would take him and sit him on it. I also made sure to offer him rewards for keeping his big boy underwear dry. And I wouldn't waste my time on pull ups. Only because they're basically diapers, and alot of kids will use them as such. And Love my babies, you sound pretty ignorant. Children learn at their own pace. You can't force children to use the potty. They'll use it when they're good and ready. Angie is right, most boys, since they're harder to train, aren't potty trained until they're 3-4 years old, even 5 in some cases.
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Davinia Originally Answered: Yes I have a potty training issue. My son will be 4 in July and I can't get him to use the potty at all.?
Potty training is *not* related to intelligence. I work with developmentally delayed preschoolers and I can think of several children who are totally toilet trained but cannot follow simple commands (sit down, come here, etc.), name common objects, or feed themselves. So be assured that your son's toilet training issues have nothing to do with him being slow or unintelligent. :) It sounds as if you are doing everything right. Maybe you should consult his pediatrician over the phone and come up with a plan. Then take your son in to talk to the doctor so the doctor can explain why it's important to use the potty and not go in a Pull Up anymore. Sometimes kids will listen to adults who are not their parents. It could be a control issue -- your son wants to control this one little part of his life because it gives him power. Have you tried allowing him to make other choices in his life such as what shirt to wear (stripes or Shrek), what vegetable he wants for dinner (peas or broccoli?), or what book to read at night? Maybe if he feels he has a little more control in his life, he will give up the potty training issue and start using the toilet.

Brenna Brenna
This is normal. My son did not potty until he was 3. My daughter used the potty at 2 and now she is 3 and completely trained. You just have to keep telling him not to do it. Buy some potty training books and read to him while he sits on the potty. He will then learn that underwear are not for poop and pee-pee. Don't let anyone put you down on this site. You are doing a great job and he will come around, my son did. Every child develops at their own speed.
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Alexia Alexia
I'm surprised you waited so long to start potty training. I potty trained mine at 1 years of age. I guess you've been using what diapers up to this point. This is what he has been accustomed to a diaper. At his age he probably think it is normal to go in his pants. Maybe explain to him that big people don't go in there underwear. The only thing I can think of would be when you change his underwear, put some good protective cream for diaper rash or Vaseline (to prevent rash) & let him sit in it a while. He will see how uncomfortable it is.
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Tybalt Tybalt
put clothes on him and sit him down and say if you are a good big boy and use the potty when you need to go even when you have underwear on mommy will buy you a suprise but you have to go to the pooty on the toilet everytime and not in your pants and see if that works and everytime he is wearing clothes and runs and uses the toilet give him a different prise everytime his favorite candy, his favorite food, a toy, something he can't usually have that should work . worked for my sister
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Rickey Rickey
I would buy pull ups and keep them on him. Keep asking him at least every hour if he has to go potty and if he says no take him anyway and he will learn its not good to pee in your pants. the more you keep this going he will learn faster. I did this to my son and he does very well. Once he has got it you can keep him in underwear and do it again.
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Rickey Originally Answered: What is the best potty training chair?
Breifly, Yes, i used a doll, it was very helpful because my son knew what to expect. And for a potty chair, this book recommends one that is easy for a child to remove and dump the contents himself. Anyway... here's my method: I am glad you asked, I have a GREAT suggestion for you. I just potty-trained my little boy who is 25 months old. I did the training on Feb. 11th at 8:30 a.m. His last accident of the day was at 11:00 am, and by that time, he was going to the potty all by himself when he felt the urge, pulling down his own pants, peeing in the little potty, pulling up his own pants, dumping his urin in the toilet flushing the toilet, and returning the potty bowl to the potty chair. All on his own! He had two more accidents over the next 3 days. Potty Training was on Wed, and his last accidnent was Saturday. It has now been 2 weeks, and he has kept his pants dry in his big boy underwear. I don't even have to remind him! I just sit and read a magazine while he takes care of his own business! Do you want to know how this is possible? Get this book: "Toilet-Training in Less Than a Day." I checked it out at the library, read it carefully, took notes, and followed it as closely as I could. All of my friends scoffed, but they were wrong! It worked! Overall, the process was exahusting for me because I was giving constant praise and instruction for 4-6 hours. But my son loved it! He got constant attention from his mom, and special treats and drinks. He thought it was a game, and had a lot of fun. The reason a lot of moms don't do this is because (a) they haven't heard of it - the potty-traning trend lately is to nearly let kids teach themselves OR (b) it takes too much preperation. To be prepared, you have to read the book carefully, you need to have half-a-day for just this. There should be no other kids around or distractions like toys or TV. It's best to even have snacks and lunch prepared ahead of time. Not every mom can do this, but I could because I stay home and have no other kids. OR (c) if you have tried another method, and the child has experienced failure, this method might not work so well. So, how does it work? I am not going to tell you because I can't write that much here! It's a 100 page book, and if you try to cut corner or wing it from what I say, it won't be done right. But, to give you an idea, it a lot of verbal instruction, manual guidanc with your hands on the child's to help him along, constant praise from the moment the child begins following instruction, special treats for rewards. The doctors who developed the program, used what they know about accelerating the learning process: Learningi s best done with not distractions or interruptions. Learning is best understood through teaching (the child teaches a doll first). Learning is quickly accomplished through lots of practice in a small window of time. This was an effective way of potty-training. It was 100% positive and fun for my son. I tell everyone I know.

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