What kind of thing should i get my friend who is 12 years old for her birthday?

What kind of thing should i get my friend who is 12 years old for her birthday? Topic: Pencil case shop
June 27, 2019 / By Lavena
Question: she like doctor who, hair stuff like bows and clips, harry potter, she doesn't really like shopping - she is not really a girly girl, sweets and stationary. I don't want to get her something she already has and most likely everyone will get her something to do with doctor who
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Jocelin Jocelin | 7 days ago
Ive seen Doctor Who books where you choose where to go at the end of each chapter, that cud be good or maybe a pencil case which includes Doctor Who stuff, although that cud seem a little juvenile. There are loads of nice scarves and hair items that arent too girly in Peacocks, theyre often fairly cheap and cane be used for school or socially
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Jocelin Originally Answered: Need ideas for a birthday gift for a married woman but friend of >30 years?
In this cases you really can't do a lot and I being a woman and married I would advice you a discret card that dosen't show so much how you really think of her even though you both know or you know how u really feel about her, and 1 you really can't give her what you want you really cant buy her roses or anything suspocios why don't you send her a gift card of 50$ worth that you know she can spend it on something she really want's or needs, since anything else he can be suspicios of or make him feel bad :-) by doind that she can make any excuses and be like i got it for my self or you know any excuse. but the best is if you call her saying everything you wish for her that day and explain that you prefered that gift so she can spend it on her for a treat and your intension is to make her feel happy and by the phone call she we'll feel the love and happiness of your voice and the card the sorprise and the gift card her special treat ;-)

Gabriella Gabriella
If she loves Harry Potter you can easily buy her some merchandise from Alivans or some other online store. They have pretty good merch. Possibly the Wizarding World has some things you can buy online? I'm not sure about this. I went there and their merch is really good. If you live in Florida, a ticket to HP World would be wicked for any kid.
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Davinia Davinia
what's doctor who? Lol Well try getting stuff for her that are new for her maybe give her manga books or anime dvd's because cuz i'm twelve and a girl and i like getting stuff like those cuz their not really that expensive ... well it depends on your budget ... does she liked shoes ?? you can buy her shoes that most people like her age wear (VANS). or a video games ..... then you should just take her out for movies and watch harry potter deathly hallows part 2 cuz thts her type... :) sure its not a thing but you'll have a great time :)
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Brenna Brenna
90% of people I know, including me, plus boys I know, LOVE pillow pets. I got one for my 14th birthday and I'm snuggling with my turtle pillow pet now c:
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Even though i am a guy i totally agree with you because if that was me ( the one making come ons with you) then i rather want to know how you really feel then just having you lead me on which i find people who do that to be apalling to me so good job and i hope he is not offended hope i helped!

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