What's with the Beyonce brainwashing?

What's with the Beyonce brainwashing? Topic: How to write a news article about someone
May 25, 2019 / By Olyvia
Question: This morning I went over to Yahoo to check my mail. There were at least 10 articles about Beyonce on the front page. Not in the entertainment section mind you, just in general. So I manually remove all of them annnnnnnnnnnd of course now there's MORE Beyonce articles. She's some idiot who sold her identity for fame, nothing more. Yes, she can sing, but so can/do most people when they shower. Why is Beyonce so important? I don't even mean her music or the "art" or "music" that other people write for her to perform,I mean her. Like, Beyonce eats a Taco? You know there's going to be an article about it. My question. On a scale from 1-10, how brainwashed are Americans? It's like, all over the world there's all these horri-- OMG, check out this article about Ashton Kutcher walking his dog in loose clothing!!!! The article is about Ashton Kutcher walking his dog in loose clothing!!! OMGOMGOMG http://www.justjared.com/2014/05/25/ashton-kutcher-takes-his-dogs-for-a-walk-without-mila-kunis/
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Mae Mae | 2 days ago
Governments and large corporations don't care that we're more interested in pop culture than what's happening in the world out there. Beyonce is a good tool for them because she stays neutral on everything, has no opinions, she's just entertainment and reaches a wide audience because she's a bit of each ethnicity and we think she's pretty. I don't think she's even that talented, she uses lots of props in her stage shows, everything about her is well rehearsed, her music isn't that interesting... Yep, we're supposed to have a lot more information these days but most of it is crap, people are dumber than ever. The media has really gone downhill since the Internet. I remember when you could watch the TV news, it would be real news about real issues. Now you turn on the TV and there's Bieber throwing a tantrum, Miley has her nipples showing, or someone got a haircut. Big deal. Brainwashed - I'd say about 9 out of 10.
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Keren-Hapuch Keren-Hapuch
Beyonce isn't that much of a brainwasher at all, matter a fact she's already ended her fad in like what, 2009? Anyways, Americans being brainwashed? 6.5/10. But hey, I'm American and not brainwashed.
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Jacki Jacki
She's part of the pop media distraction to keep people from using their brains and questioning world problems. Beyonce is nothing but a puppet.
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Elyse Elyse
People make a lot of money for each article and photo. People are driven by money. That's why paparazzis want pictures sooo much because they know they'll make a lot of money from just one picture. Let me ask you this, Would you snap a picture of Ashton Kutcher walking his dog for $900 bucks? A lot of people would if they had the chance.
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Christiana Christiana
She uses her talent and it is very rare that people sing to her standard without lots of vocal training. She beat 16 year olds in a singing contest age 7. Just goes to show she's naturally talented. And besides, she's beautiful, black and female, a great icon Stop being so jelouse
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