Does anyone else think that schools are pushing kids too far?

Does anyone else think that schools are pushing kids too far? Topic: Too much homework for elementary school
July 23, 2019 / By Eileen
Question: Nowadays, kids in elementary school or middle school are learning things that their parents didn't do until college! These teachers and adults that don't even care about these poor kids' little brains are piling homework on them and pushing them to the top! How much more homework can these little kids get? They never have time to play because they feel like they're too old to play because the teachers keep telling them they're so old, and they always have homework by the pound! Just let these kids be kids!
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Best Answers: Does anyone else think that schools are pushing kids too far?

Chelsey Chelsey | 2 days ago
Obviously you're not aware that our kids in this country rate way down on the list of education in different nations, even some of the so-called third world countries rate higher. When a school system, such as ours here, expect a kid after twelve years of schooling, to only pass an eighth grade proficiency test for a diploma, I sure as hell wouldn't even begin to say that they are expecting too much or pushing too hard.
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Aryana Aryana
Yes and no. The states (not the teachers) are pushing a "rigorous" curriculum that often doesn't take into account that abstract thinking develops, just like anything else. A good example is the metaphor. In 6th grade, most kids just don't "get it". Their thinking is still too concrete. How can cheeks be apples?, etc. In 8th grade, no problem. On the other hand, kids are not pushed to complete all their work in a quality manner. Poor work is accepted. Late work is accepted. No one is retained. Now, I think that kids should be given as many chances as necessary to start over. No one should be in such a deep hole that they can't pass a class if the try (until high school). Unfortunately, too many kids don't try, and receive no consequence. In fact, the are rewarded with...not having to do the work with no consequence. When I am Queen of Education, any child with a D or F will sit in lunch detention every day until they begin working. Failing elementary or junior high is unacceptable.
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Zedekiah Zedekiah
Thats Very True. I'm 26, and in the 80's n 90's, It Was a little More Laid Back. So, I Go To A Family Party, and My 12 Year Old Cousin is Doing homework. I Say "Whatcha Doin" He Says "Homework" I Was amazed At the Amount of Work He Was Doing. I Said "Your in High School Already?" So From what I have Seen, Its Pretty Crazy
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Sinclair Sinclair
Does anyone else think that schools are pushing kids too far?- -Yes, because parents aren't pushing the kids enough. Schools have to take up the slack to make the next generation halfway useful. Sorry for being so cynical. Hard work makes you humble, long school holidays are when kids can have a childhood.
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Onam Onam
Are you kidding? Kid need more homework than ever before. Kids aren't really learning anything advanced, just different curriculum of stuff you've forgotten. Push the kids more! Too many under achievers.
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