I'm thinking about writing my Will any advice?

I'm thinking about writing my Will any advice? Topic: Advice about writing a will
May 25, 2019 / By Darrell
Question: i'm 26 and in generally good health; however I recently almost died when I was misdiagnosed by a doctor (I was told I had Gestational Diabetes but it turned out I was hypoglycemic) it got me thinking that even though i'm 26 I should still have a Will and perhaps a living Will as well, how do I go about doing this? I need real suggestions. Read below for additional info about me, that might help you in your advice. I'm 26 I have no history of chronic illnesses however I was diagnosed with PTSDI have 2 children and a third child on the way I do not own any property but plan on opening a small business with my husband in about 2 years. I have about $1400 in debt (nothing substantial) What do I need/how do I go about arrangements for my children if I dead.
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Baal-Zebub Baal-Zebub | 10 days ago
I wrote my will as soon as my first child was born (I was 21). It's not expensive and any competent lawyer can cover any specifics. In our case, we specifically wanted to appoint guardians for our children in case of our untimely deaths. Just do it now, you can change it any time.
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Baal-Zebub Originally Answered: Thinking about legally changing my name. any advice?
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