Where can I find the cheapest printer paper? (8.5 X 11)?

Where can I find the cheapest printer paper? (8.5 X 11)? Topic: buy a paper
July 23, 2019 / By Merlin
Question: I am looking for the cheapest paper (per sheet) I can find...I need to buy a lot of it, not only to print on, but I have a kid that draws and uses a LOT of paper and those little crayola tablets are getting mighty pricey as fast as she goes through them...I am wanting to buy maybe $20 worth of paper and want to get as much of it for that price as possible
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Jools Jools | 5 days ago
All the office supply places (Office Max, Staples, Best Buy, etc.) have their own brands. The cheapest reams (500 sheets) are usually those with higher recycled content. They're thinner (60 pound), off-white, and sometimes speckled. But for your kid's drawing needs...see if there's a FedEx/Kinko's or Staples or other copy center...and ask for sheets from their recycling bins. Usually, there's a range of colors, paper weights, and ONE SIDE is all you need for either printing or coloring. You might also consider end-of-the-season sales on wrapping paper rolls (the paper rather than mylar sort): they usually have a blank white side that's prefect for kid drawings...and murals!
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Hamilton Hamilton
You can get a bulk (box) printer paper at walmart for about $20. You can also ask your local newpaper for irregular white paper for your child to draw on. (usually free)
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Eber Eber
Ill dont prefer buying it online becuase it cost me sending prize too go and ask 4 or 5 shops i prefer
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