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June 27, 2019 / By Pallu
Question: Okay, so im going to california from August 7th-11th and i was wondering if anyone knew any fun places to go to besides hollywood, disneyland, and universal studios? And if anyone knows where i can meet celebrities when im there?
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Linton Linton | 7 days ago
Actors and actresses are not as attention-craving as they are made out to be. believe me or not (your choice) I act and am joining SAG. to answer your question, you can literally walk down the street or go to a premiere and meet someone. which (going to a premiere) is quite fun. or try some resturants. most of us love meeting fans and some would even be willing to chat. but always remember: ask before taking pictures (it's often taken offensively if you don't) never ask anything personal (no one likes that) and NEVER be a critic. there is always someone that has something bad to say no matter what we do, so try to avoid being that person. and don't act 'crazy' if you see someone famous. stay calm and be yourself. Also, take an "autograph notebook" with you. i hope to sign it if I see you. Good Luck and Best Wishes. TCD
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Jarrett Jarrett
If you have a specific celebrity in mind try to find out any upcoming events they might have like meet & greets , signings , etc. I met Muhammad Ali at a press conference and Jenny McCarthy at a book signing . It's your best bet at actually meeting a celeb and perhaps getting a picture because you might spot a celeb out shopping or out to dinner but they might not be in the mood to actually meet fans . Try to attend a tv show taping if you're satisfied with just seeing a celeb . I went to the Jay Leno Show and saw him of course and Kim , Khloe , & Kourtney Kardashian . At The Grove where they film Extra . You're almost sure to see Mario Lopez and check out the website to see which celebrity might be there for interview . They'll usually have a little weekly line up . I did see the main cast of Modern Family at Disneyland while they were filming . Check out SoCalFunPlaces.com and DayTrippen.com for ideas of where to visit .
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Freeman Freeman
Interesting you ask about celebrities.. and meeting them.. they aren't always in California. When I lived in Chicago, working downtown at a Liquor Store, I got to meet Queen Latifah who came in looking for a specific tequila. During that time, a bunch of Cubs and Chicago bulls players would stop in every so often. Then again.. we were the only liquor store open downtown till 3 in the morning on a Saturday. One day, my brother went to NY for the day, was walking in Manhattan.. happened to see a familiar face... and asked him for a pic... sly and slick as he was, it was Snoop Doggy Dog. http://tinyurl.com/cxhopbo So you can always spot celebs everywhere, and despite their love for attention.. and spotlight.. they do like to just go out and be normal people too. anyways.. i hope you spot a celeb in cali ;)
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Delmar Delmar
You just have to be in the right place at the right time. But don't forget to have fun, after all, its California (:
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Bastian Bastian
You are SO lucky!!!! Go to all the popular restrarunts and Kodak Theater oh and go see Jimmy Kimmel! Ummm the mall..you are so lucky!! My boyfriend is out near CA and I would LOVE to go see him
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