Names for my characters?

Names for my characters? Topic: Case sensitive in spanish
May 25, 2019 / By Vincent
Question: Okay, so I just want some idea's. I have a girl who is different, she is always trying to be fearless and has brown hair w/ hazel eyes. I have a guy who is over protective, sensitive, pretty much the guy everyone wants. Oh and a villain name, he is like mean i guess, but nothing like obvious just something creepy. Thanks in advance.!!(: Lots of answers please!
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Royal Royal | 2 days ago
Name ides: Caspian Caspin Brooke/Brook (last name) Milo Riley Crow Raven Hawthorn/ Hawthorne Sebastian Ceil Von Yumi Yuki Yuji Yuuri Lin Ren Case Deil Ratchu Rachty Kimimaro Constince Trinity Jamie Joey Patcheco Miyeko Anette Annette Edith Lillian Lilith Hazel Valentina Nori Ethyl/Ethel Sylvia Vlad Venom Luka/Luca Lena Aspin Justin Jazzy/Jazzie Lissy Chrissy/Chris Nathan Mieko Niko Miori Leena Imorra Loukas Lu DonaGothica Fletcher Moiré McKay McKenna Mckey Marjorie Cora Coco Isabella Annabelle Crimson Thea* Sparrow Willow Acacia Finch Kayleb Marli Fe (Spanish, means faith, pronounced fay) Margaux Lucia Olive Dawn Nia Sylvania (means woods) Red Perci Rima Orchid Jezebel Zhade Natalie/ Natalya- Ally Middle names: Joy May Marie Margret Lee Ann/Anne Bella/Bell Rosemary Rose Answer mine please? : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhwUzZi4wjUf_s1vGHEZZFbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120728192803AAqWrio
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Royal Originally Answered: What are some names for these characters?
• the girl - Maia Hayley Ferguson • the fiancé - Oliver Sean Gomez • the mother - Lynette Marie Ferguson • the father - Andrew William Ferguson • siblings : → brother - Emmett Andrew Ferguson → sister - Hannah Francesca Ferguson → sister - Isabella Nicole Ferguson → sister - Charlotte Rose Ferguson → sister - Heather Louise Ferguson • children : → daughter - Sophia Imogen Ferguson-Gomez → son - Zachary Samuel Ferguson-Gomez → daughter - Lily Ariana Ferguson-Gomez

Morgan Morgan
Girl: Noah, Frankie, Hazel, Jennifer, Natalina, Nat, Kat Boy: Patrick, Anthony, Mike, Clue, Pierce Villain: Oscar, Warren, Randal, Swagbot9000, Hal, Reginald
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Keelan Keelan
Villam: Damon, Deimos, Phobos/Phobus, Aries, Dysmas, Mordred, Rigel, Regalus, Vlasta Girl: Wendy, Katie, Cathy, Kassy, Sage, Pauline, Claire, Lovely, Amora, Amara, Rye Rye
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Girl: Kate Lauren jade Alexis Grace Elleanor Eve Taylor Boy: Taylor Jacob Vincent Sam Charlie Toby Lee Lewis Villian (is it a boy or girl?) Mortam (death in Latin)
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Eliphaz Eliphaz
Hadley/Claudia/Evangeline for the girl Damien/Tanner/Leo for the boy Archer/Xavier//Blaise for the villain Just some ideas, hope they help(:
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Eliphaz Originally Answered: I need help with names for my characters?
For the couple and the butler in the past, I would suggest more traditional names. For the man/butler, maybe something like Charles, Raymond, Thomas, Christopher, Jacob, Joseph, etc. For the woman from the 1900s, maybe Susan, Abigale, Allison, Rose... (Following suit with the older/traditional names) First names for the present-day people: You probably want a nice contrast between the styles of names to go with the huge time gap, so maybe more modern-ish names? For the guy: Joshua, Ryan, Ashton, Daniel, Jack...? (Somewhat traditional but with a hint of modern taste) For the older woman: Melissa, Catherine, Olivia, Amy? For the unique name for the girl: Rena, Mari, Brooke? Last names for the characters... well I'm not really a fan of devising last names for characters- usually in my stories they don't have last names. But usually if you can think of an old traditional name that forms a nice little ring to the ear with the first name you choose, it works out pretty nicely.

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