Having a horse and going to school?

Having a horse and going to school? Topic: How to prioritize my homework
July 23, 2019 / By Faye
Question: I will be buying my first horse in a couple months and I will also be going into public school not this year but the year after that. I'm home schooled right now and I have been for the past 3 years and I was just wondering how much time do you have for your horse when your in school and I will be 14 then and going into high school I will be boarding my horse till we move and then I will have it at my house.
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Corrina Corrina | 8 days ago
I think it's really something dependent on the situation. If your horse is close and easy to get to, i.e, boarded only a short distance away or even better, on your property it's a lot easier to manage. Also you should consider things like if you have any other outside hobbies that require time or you're doing extra activities for school. For me I didn't struggle with the horse, life, school balance and I am still managing pretty well three years later now I'm at University. I think this was down to the fact that I was transporting myself back and forth a short distance to my horse and I also alternated feeding days with a the other girl who I shared a paddock with, which proved to be a great idea! - I would recommend doing it if it's possible. And now I have my horse at my house so it's make everything a lot easy... Since you only have to go outside your back door. It also about prioritising. Yes, horse definitely comes first, however if I had a lot of homework that day I would decide not to spend time riding and would only feed my horse so I had more time to finish my school work. It probably helped that I didn't play any other sports outside of school too. At the end of the day it can sometimes be a little bit of a struggle but there's no doubt in my mind that it's worth it a 100%
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Horses are very uniqe creatures when it comes to communication. You don't even have to open your mouth and it seems like they automatically understand you. That's how I feel about my quarter horse, the one and only, Smooth Talken Agent Jake. He's only 8 but he is at least 15.2 hands. He is an amazing listener, and like other horses he enjoys his treats and playing outside. Not to mention he is very photogenic, and makes friends with other horses fast.
Corrina Originally Answered: Help on a horse project for school??
The start is great! heres some more hope i can help! Through riding I found a friend. I learned to move forward. I learned it is ok to make mistakes. I found the true meaning of teamwork. I learned to communicate without words. But most of all, riding gave me something I needed. Trust." My beautiful Quarter horse ''jake'' is the most amazing horse i've had. Jake has gave me trust and confidence in horses that i would of never thought i had. Jake also has a very special show name that i use and his other name is smooth talken agent ''jake''. My horse LOVES other horses, getting brushed in his favourite spots, playing outside, taking pictures with me and best of all he loves his treats! Because jake is only 8 years old, he still has a very long and loving life with me. I can teach him things that he doesn't understand and he will help me ride better and improve! There you go hope i helped xxx

Bethanie Bethanie
I got my gelding just before I left school and went to college after the summer and I was only the 3 days out of 5! Winter a bit of a nightmare but in summer you remember why you put up with all the early morning starts :) this was how I did it got up at half 6 shove on clothes out to the horse who where a five minute walk from my house! Feed in stables, make beet pulp, open doors let them out, fill up water buckets and give hay out in field 'opptianal' as we had to much grass so didn't bother with hay most of the year :) go home get showered and ready leave house at half 8 college from 9 to 4 come home straight home back into horse gear back to yard then muck out, fill up water haynets. Change rugs If raining if not ride, lunge. Do some poo picking :) away home for tea leave them till about 8 bring in feed. Groom if you havnt done anything with them like ride lunge stick on rug :) also you can choose to do poo picking at this time but its hard when its dark haha :) that was with 3 horse a 12.2, 14.1 and 15h :) good luck
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Aggie Aggie
Well public school is almost ALWAYS 8 hours long a day and short days on Wednesday. I have a lot of friends with horses that go to public school so I'm sure you and your horse will be fine.
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