Taking college courses after graduation?

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June 17, 2019 / By Gardenia
Question: A few years ago I graduated from ASU and moved out to Southern California. I'm comfortable in my current job and don't necessarily want to get my masters or switch career paths but there are several courses I would be interested in taking at USC. Part of me is thinking I should just show up and crash the course but then there won't be any incentive to do the homework and really learn the material. On the other hand do I really have to apply and attempt to get into the university just to take a few classes that aren't necessarily even geared toward my career? Has anyone done this? Is there any way to just sign up for certain courses without fully enrolling in the university? EDIT: Thanks guys. That's a good point Eri. I definitely don't want to be stealing from anyone or even attribute to the potential overcrowding of a class.
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Deb Deb | 6 days ago
Showing up when you haven't paid for the course can also get you thrown off campus or even arrested (that's stealing). But if you sign up for the class and pay for it, you can attend without having to apply or enroll in the university (as long as there's still room in the class after all the enrolled students have registered). Talk to the registrar's office about taking classes as a non-degree student.
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Deb Originally Answered: Can you become an RN by taking online courses?
NO. To be a licensed nurse you must go to a community college full time in a 2 year program to become a nurse. You must take tons of college classes and participate in clinical rotations at hospitals. And then you have to take a national written exam which is several hours long.
Deb Originally Answered: Can you become an RN by taking online courses?
That is not the route to go. Check with you individual state guidelines to see if it is even allowed. Most of those schools are total scams and very expensive. You should start going to school while your son is young, get the prerequisite classes out of the way first and then work on getting into Nursing School. You could do school part time for a while and many community colleges have day care centers on site. That way by the time he is in school you will be ready to go to work, and not just be starting on school that may take 4 years.

Brier Brier
You can audit courses (no grades, no credits) but, with the consent of the instructor, pretend that you are taking them for credit and take the tests along with the rest of the class. These courses will show up on your transcript but without grades. I did this when I was pregnant and wanted to learn some material, but the baby was due during finals week. Some universities do not charge as much for audit courses as they do for credit. Most universities will also let you take courses (in some but not all subjects) for credit as a temporary non-degree graduate student. You may have to pay the graduate student tuition rate. If you just want to learn the material and don't care about actually attending a class, see if you can check out courses by The Teaching Company from your local library.
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Aliah Aliah
Why don't you see if you can find those courses at your local community college. It would be much cheaper and it doesn't really matter where you take the classes because they are not going to count towards a degree. My aunt who has a degree in production and mechanical engineering was board being a house wife so she took a few courses at the local community college in economics and creative writing. She really enjoyed it and it gave her something to do away from home. Why don't you call the community college and have them send you some information. I know some community colleges even have weekend courses. I hope this helps good luck with school!
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