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July 23, 2019 / By Gwen
Question: I heard on a radio show the other day that there is something you can buy to send out a stronger signal to pick up a wireless connection on a laptop. I travel alot and some hotels I stay at I can't pick up a signal.....Does anybody know what I'm talking about? If so what is it called and where can I pick one up at, whats the price range?
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Dianna Dianna | 6 days ago
You can't "pick up" more signal, you can transmit more signal. But most wireless radios (that's what they are) already operate at the legal limit, so you can't buy something off the shelf to increase the signal. You can buy a gain antenna - IF your wireless card has an external antenna jack. It could help if the signal is weak, but not if it's so weak that there's no signal. You can carry a little wireless access point with you (d-Link makes one that's smaller than a pack of cigarettes, and stows, with cable and poser, into a case the size of a manicure case - DWL-G730AP) and plug it into the internet cable in the room, giving yourself "local" wireless.
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Dianna Originally Answered: Linksys wireless router question, can connect but no signal?
If you have any kind of security enabled in the Lynksys control panel shut it off, restart your computer and try again. The control panel (if you've never been in it before) is located by going into your start menu and going to "run" Type in cmd when the command prompt comes up type in ipconfig and look at the local gateway address it should be or either way once you get the address open up internet explorer immediately hit the stop key and type the gateway address into the url bar. You should be prompted for an administrative password, which by default, the username is either lynksys (all lower case) or Administrator. The password will be admin (all lower case) by default. That's where you can go in and change all your settings. Also make sure that your wireless base is the same network type as your router, A, B, G or N.
Dianna Originally Answered: Linksys wireless router question, can connect but no signal?
you should check if there is an interupption during your connections. other systems could possibly intercept your connection. or call your internet service provider and ask them for another router and check the signal.

Caren Caren
Legality relies upon upon your region. there is not any Federal regulation in this interior the U. S.. some states or localaties have tried to decrease this however the jury continues to be out on jurisdiction as a results of fact the airwaves are regulated by utilising the FCC, a Federal business enterprise. As a pragmatic count, once you're on your place there is not any thank you to discover who you're and which you are the interloper. As to possibility, any information superhighway connection is risky while you're no longer firewalled and guarded by utilising anti-virus and anti-undercover agent ware utility. absolutely everyone else on the prompt community does have get right of entry to on your gadget in case you do no longer grant your self with protection.
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Amilia Amilia
Either what you heard about was wireless n technology or one of those scams that they also show on TV.
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Amilia Originally Answered: Wireless Connectivity / 40 Km distance 3g Signal booster for Data Card?
Hi, 20/40km 3g connectivity is practically non-feasible. Here's a basic information: 3g in India runs at 1900/2100 Mhz frequency. At this frequency the distance it can cover it much less than 2km outdoor penetration and hardly 1km indoor coverage. These are rough calculations. If you mentioned 20/40 km road distance to nearest 3g tower than the air distance could be less. Lets say the air distance is within 8 kms. So to catch the signal the tower must be in line of sight of the antenna and you will require outdoor yagi directional antennas with little field research. In hilly areas line of sight is hardly available. Manage with 2g till telecom companies decide to install 3g towers. There is a better chance you can get a signal of cdma internet providers like tata photon, bsnl cdma 1x, bsnl evdo, reliance netconnect. These operate in 800mhz frequency which can travel almost double the 3g. Hope this helps.

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