How do I write this email to my sisters boss?

How do I write this email to my sisters boss? Topic: How to write an email to manager
May 25, 2019 / By Ilene
Question: Hello Well its coming up to fathers day and my step mother who i do not get on with very well has asked if me and my two sisters can come out for dinner as a surprise sort of thing. However one sister said she will go and I said i will go even if I don't want too, The other sister however is going to try and get out of this by working even though her shifts are very flexible. So i've decided that if me and the other sister have to suffer she does too - so to stop her from being able to get out of it I am going to write an email to the manager of the bar she works for so she has no were else to escape too. How would I write the email though? Giving enough detail to make him see my point? It may seem low however she does it all the time and I think that atleast be here for our dad espically because he is not going to be alive for much longer.
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Eileen Eileen | 2 days ago
Hopefully, you will now get 50 answers in a row telling you not to do this. If it's that big a deal, you and the other sis should issue an ultimatum and tell her to be there or (fill in blank). Tell her you won't speak to her again. But contacting her boss is completely out of line.
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You have broken every rule of asking for a raise in pay. 1. Never request a raise in an e-mail or letter. Always do it in person. NO EXCEPTIONS. 2. Never refer to wage freezes, cuts, etc. in a request for a raise. 3. Never complain about what someone else received for promotions or raises. 4. Never complain that others are breaking the rules. 5. You ONLY show how you have increased the profitability of the company, either by cutting costs, increasing revenue, or better yet, both. Have hard figures and documentary proof in hand so that you can show the boss that you deserve a raise. You demonstrate your value to the company, such that your boss on his own would think himself foolish to not offer you more money and risk you quitting and going elsewhere.

Chelsey Chelsey
Going over your sis's head like that will make the situation much worse I think...I think the ultimatum is a good idea.....also a good ole fashion major guilt trip may be the order of the day too. Either way, good luck reuniting your fam for the weekend.
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Aryana Aryana
Wow are you trying to get your sister fired?? Your sister is a big girls she can talk to her boss herself. As far as "suffering" at your dad's house...You need to look at this the other way around. Would your dad love the fact that you would be surprizing him for fathers day? This is HIS day. Not yours, not your sisters, not your step mom. I hope you all can get along for this special day.
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Zedekiah Zedekiah
If your sister doesn't want to go, you have absolutely no right to make her go. Contacting her boss will do nothing more than create hostility between you and your sister. Do you honestly believe that she would appreciate you telling on her to her boss??? This get together is for your father, not your stepmother. Remember that.
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I would be very, very careful about forwarding resumes... even if they are from friends. It comes across as a recommendation, and honestly, if you recommend someone and they get hired and end up not working out, it reflects very badly on you. If you MUST forward a resume, forward it with just your first sentence. Don't make any other commentary on the person who is applying. Plus, if she's already applied, you really should leave it at that.

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