Where did you meet your wedding planner?

Where did you meet your wedding planner? Topic: Cover letter for events planner
June 20, 2019 / By Lawanda
Question: Or where did she/he find you? Or how did you find your wedding planner? How many did you interview before you found the one?
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Jodi Jodi | 3 days ago
I am a wedding planner and I will tell you that having one is absolutely CRUCIAL! You dont have to have one to plan your entire event if you cant afford her but you really do need one to at least give you day-of services.. and here is why... On my wedding day, I thought I had it all covered. I had a plan, I had notes, I had a big emergency kit in case of any problems. I had my bridesmaids to help me if I needed anything. The day of the wedding, there's a place on the inside of the car door that you never think to clean, I got BLACK GUNK all over my gorgeous wedding dress. I had to stop at walgreens for a stain remover pen, which worked okay for the most part. I had someone set out programs that I worked so hard to design but they didnt put them in a good place, so no one saw them and no one took them. After the reception, no one was there to get people to hit the road and they were trying to party long after the event was over. I was trying to get everyone out so we could clean up because no one was there to tell me to just leave. I was the bride and the wedding planner and thats a bad thing. When you're both, you cant fully enjoy your wedding day because you are too busy running around being the planner, making sure its all okay. When you're the bride, there's no wedding planner so no one is there to get things wrapped up at the end of the night. All wedding planners offer at least day-of services. They can get you better deals on your venues, flowers, etc -because- they are wedding planners. The money that you pay a planner is WORTH it because she will make sure that you get the best deals and that you can enjoy your day, stress free. The money that a planner saves by negotiating w/ vendors will cover her cost. A planner also knows a lot of tricks of the trade that can save you a ton of cash. They also arent as expensive as you think. Often, you can find one who is just starting out who will do it for free or discounted!! (see craigslist!) Look in your local yellow pages, look at the local pages of theknot.com or go to a bridal show. I'm in the St Louis area, so if you happen to live here, you can contact me too! When you interview a planner, you will know right away if she's the one. If she's friendly and makes time to -listen- to what you want, she's within your budget, she's the one! Ask for pics of her work or testimonial letters.
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Jodi Originally Answered: Would it be smart to get a wedding planner for a low-budget wedding (ideally around $5000)?
Sometimes I wish I had a wedding planning to help make sure everything is organized and planned out and keep people on the ball. They can sometimes help you negotiate with vendors which would save money, and they can offer you some good ideas and advice. Really though, I'd say it depends on the size of your wedding. If it's a small wedding, you can probably handle most of it, though you will have moments you'll feel like pulling your hair out, but you will manage. If it's a large wedding, you should probably enlist some help. I've invited about 50 people and I'm doing it myself, but I'd say if there are over 100 (though 100 still isn't a "large" wedding), you may want the help. They can probably work with you about cost. Maybe hire someone new in the business who might charge less.

Gale Gale
Better to have an experienced wedding planner. I met Ms. Mhaxie on FB she's a professional wedding planner coordinator of Marry and Me Special Events. after all the planning and online discussions about my daughters wedding we decided to meet her team in Manila to finalize everything that was year 2013, I'm so happy with the outcome.
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Deanne Deanne
ASAP. A year is actually a short time to plan a wedding. You will find that some venues book 1-2 years in advance and the place you're considering may not be available when you'd like. The same thing for popular vendors. Doing earlier planning gives you more flexibility in choosing vendors too.
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Brielle Brielle
I don't have a wedding planner, since the cost of an average planner is more than the budget of our entire wedding. I don't think it's necessary though, I'm very happily planning everything myself, and family and friends are helping out where needed. It gives you a chance to strenghtn the bonds in your life.
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Brielle Originally Answered: What does it take to become a wedding planner?
sorry i know im no help but i just have to say I LOVE WEDDINGS! i think it would be pretty cool to be a wedding planner too you could always try planning a friend of family members wedding or advirtise in your local paper start small do some research so you can be prepared ahead of time locate the best flower shops and bakers and evrything else in your area heck even talk to them maybe you can strike a deal that if you do make it into buissness for evry costomer you bring in they give them a personal discount couples would love that! good luck and have a blast!

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