Should I end my friendship with a short letter-like this? Or face to face?

Should I end my friendship with a short letter-like this? Or face to face? Topic: Write letter to friendship
May 25, 2019 / By Suzanna
Question: I think we should distance ourselves from each other. I've been feeling like our friendship has been one-sided for awhile now. And both times I've I needed you, you have shrugged my feelings off. I do still love and care about you and always will. However, I don't feel like I can live up to your ideal friend as I need a friend too. I'm not trying to hurt you but I think it's best we give our friendship a break. The only reason I told you this is because I remember you saying it hurts when people leave your life without an explanation. So I'm giving you mine because I don't want you to hurt. Even though I know ending our friendship will. However, I'm hurting and I can't do it anymore. We have been friends for almost six years and for the past three, I've been hurting. She's 57 and I'm 21. Before you judge, yes I have other friends. She was more like an aunt. She was a friend of the family and I worked as her hostess before her business closed. And we became close.
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Best Answers: Should I end my friendship with a short letter-like this? Or face to face?

Raschelle Raschelle | 1 day ago
Wow, this reminds me of one of my friendships, me doing most of the work, shrugging feelings off, etc. What I would do is ask him if you two can talk in private, and then say pretty much what you've written here. As a suggestion, give him an opportunity for him to be able to change his ways after you tell him, but before you officially terminate this relationship. Hope that helps. :)
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Merideth Merideth
I would tell her face to face. It might hurt. But if you gave her the letter she will probably end up contacting you to try and talk anyways.
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Leone Leone
i would go with the second option " face to face" because if you texted her that would leave so many things unanswered, so tell her the truth and end it nicely.
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