I want to be a psychologist?

I want to be a psychologist? Topic: What is a research problem in psychology
June 27, 2019 / By Arryn
Question: I'm a junior in high school and to be honest I'm not a GOOD student. I'm an average student maybe an F here and there couple As and Bs. I been thinking a lot of my future and since my mom is leaving to her foreign country in two years and my dad is staying with me in the U.S. I want to be able to provide a good future for me and my future family (if i do get one but who knows). I wanted to join the military but I changed my mind and I want to be a psychologist. I tried doing my research before posting but I couldn't find any good information. I want that type of job that works independently, so i chose to major in psychologist because I find it very intersting and I like to help people with their problems. I really don't care about the pay this is something I'd like to do once I graduate from high school. But I have some questions I'm kind of confused of some stuff. What's that job that sits down with a person, talks about their problems and gives advice? What do I need to do to make that my profession? I can't think of any more questions but since I am going to have questions later on can anyone provide a website with more information? Thanks in advace Happy Valentines ! :]
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Urbanna Urbanna | 1 day ago
The problem with majoring in psychology is that a 4 year degree will not qualify you for much more than working at McDonald's. You will need at least a Masters Degree for just about any available job.
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Urbanna Originally Answered: Should I see psychologist or not?
Hi.... sorry for your problems. I know, it's not fun. And you surely do sound depressed. First of all, i'd like to say that you do not have to accept a prescription for medication or take medication if you do not want to take it. And a psychologist can not prescribe medications. A medical doctor or psychiatrist can prescribe them, though. But, just because a doctor might suggest taking something, it does not mean you are obligated to do it. It's your personal choice, no one else's. Therapy does work for those who WORK it... and it's not magical. It takes effort to work toward positive life changes. What therapy is about is developing some good, life coping skills. Learning to think a bit differently, as well. It takes more than an appointment or two to start feeling better. Your therapist would work on getting to know you and learn about your issues initially. Then you'd work together to start making those changes in your life. You know, there are also a lot of great websites out there for depression self-help. Still, you are the person who has to make the effort and work on changes. I think that your question was a great place to start! It's great you asked. One of the first things we need to learn to do when we are depressed, is to get up, and do something.... even if it's not a huge thing. Get up and do the dishes. Maybe sit down at the table and write a list of things you'd like to get done. Aim to be a bit more productive. One great thing to work toward is some sort of daily exercise. Walking thirty minutes a day is one idea....any sort of exercise is great for us... and forces our brains to release endorphins, which are also known as "happy hormones". We do feel a mental lift after exercise I hope you will do some depression self-help research and use whatever advice you feel might be helpful. And there's nothing wrong with seeing a therapist, either. Recovering is a process. And when we make up our minds to feel better, we will... our attitude is also a big part of recovering. You take care! Get the help you deserve. Best wishes.
Urbanna Originally Answered: Should I see psychologist or not?
just go see someone if it doesnt work then it doesnt work. you wont be wasting his time its his/her job. thats what they get paid to do.

Savanna Savanna
You need to understand now that if you go after a degree in psychology you will ultimately succeed in obtaining it. Dont get excited. Psychology is the most sought after major in North america. You will more likely than not and I mean 10,000 to 1 NOT find a job in after you major in psychology. Why? because there are so many people going into that field that no matter how good you are and how knowledgable you are, you will most likely not find a job. The world doesnt need as many psychologists that colleges are spitting out. At UCF, one of the biggest colleges in the United states almost 1/5 of the students are majoring in some form of psychology. That...is a lot. Do you plan on facing 2000 students to get 4 psychologist jobs? My suggestion, is to minor in it or take it up as a hobby, because majoring in it will do you no good.
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Savanna Originally Answered: What will a psychologist tell me if i tell him.?
I can't really give you an answer without knowing your age. However, I do think that your mom is being fair and she is setting you up with a therapist to discuss this. More than likely, it is not the therapist who will be expected to come up with the answer, though. The whole point is for you and your mom to air your perspectives on this issue and then come to some sort of compromise.
Savanna Originally Answered: What will a psychologist tell me if i tell him.?
Your mother has been around considerably longer than you and has had considerably more experience than you, I doubt that what she has to say is completely off base. As a suicide counselor I agree with her. Your boyfriend is not in a place where he can even take care of himself much less a relationship. YOU are a crutch not a partner. He needs to learn how to deal with lifes problems on his own without the distraction of a relationship. I understand that there is a certain "nobility" in standing by him and taking care of him, but he has to learn to do it by himself without resorting to drama, which I am guessing is what a lot of his life is about. That is the only way he can become a man and thus a husband and a father. You should listen to your mother now because I can almost guarantee you that in a few years you are going to wish you had. You should think with your head and not your heart, your heart does not have a brain.

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