Why do women think just because a man is friendly towards them it is a clear sign that he wants you?

Why do women think just because a man is friendly towards them it is a clear sign that he wants you? Topic: Jumping to a conclusion
May 25, 2019 / By Dylan
Question: I am sick of reading these questions about how women jump to conclusions because a guy is friendly by nature. I am also sick of women openly oogling men who dress in revealing clothing. We dress that way for ourselves, not to be checked out by every creepy mary and jane on the street. Men are humans too you know, with real emotions and real feelings. Not just pieces of meat that exist for the sole purpose of being inside you. Women are so disgusting and crude.
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Buster Buster | 5 days ago
Oh! Don't you lie....we all know you men dress that way so we would check out your behinds. You tease us then you play all like - "Why you looking at me.. Ewww you pervert!" You guys just like to advertise but you never give it up.Wearing all the smell good Cologne and trying to look buff. You always tell us you just want to cuddle but we know what you really want...our sammiches. You black mail us with your charms and then after you get the sammiches you want to go watch the t.v. and ignore our needs. I'm a woman dammit and I have needs so stop playing hard to get! That is why all you guys are single - well one day you will not fit those tight pants like you used to and then you'll want to jump on any women just to get her sammiches, but it will be to late. All the women will be looking to make sammiches for younger and hotter men. You should not have been so picky - now your all alone cuz no women will want to give you her sammiches! Geez - pass me a beer! You bunch of teasers! I worked hard on those sammiches and you think you can just shake your hot behinds and we will just hand over all our hard work so you can go share them with your friends. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!
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I don't know where you get your info about deaths due to smoking pot but no major research has been done to determine how many people have died due to pot use so.... As for the peace sign. It means many things. The swastika used to mean "knowledge" until Hitler used it now it means something much different. The peace sign could be the same way to many people. It doesn't matter where it started because the meaning changes over time. People who used it today could be anti-organized religion like many hippies making it partly stand for that when used by those people.
Buster Originally Answered: Why do Christians believe that the peace sign is a broken cross, when there is a clear reason behind it?
Hello. I'm an ex-chair of a CND group and have been on CND National Council. Some of the founders of CND are personal friends of mine. Your account is of course correct. However, i'm also Christian and there is a Christian CND. Not all of us believe what your father did. However, there is a rune, Algiz i think, which resembles the CND symbol and there are pagans in the Peace Movement who interpret it in that way. Concerning Cannabis, although there is no good reason why it's illegal, the fact that it is means that there's strong polarisation in opinions about it, and this is reflected in research. It is only one of many thousands of useful plants, and the uses it has can be duplicated by them. The problem with illegal drugs is that quality cannot be guaranteed unless you prepare them yourself and know what you're doing. I'm also a herbalist, incidentally.

Aldous Aldous
Lmao "Woman are so disgusting and crude" Well I think the same type of thing happens with guys to be honest. But maybe they don't use Yahoo Answers
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Tahnee Tahnee
im not gonna lie dude, its usually the men who check out the women more, and women are the ones who are emotional and have real feelings You sound so much like a little girl
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Tahnee Originally Answered: Little tiny clear bumps filled with clear liquid that are verry itchy. what is it?
Wow, I wish you were in Australia! I would enroll you in my clinical trial in a flash. I am a podiatrist studying Dyshidrosis, the skin rash type thing on hands, (as often on feet, which is why it is my brief.) This is hugely misdiagnosed by GPs. This is caused by a dermatophyte infection. In your case almost certainly Candida in the colon. the overgrowth of Candida (it may be some other dermatophyte, Candida is a white sticky fluid type yeast, look on stools, and I bet she has IBS and constipation??) is pushing the cells of the gut apart and it and it's toxins (sh**) are escaping into the blood. This sets up an allergic reaction that gives the hand rash. T Lots of GPs will tell you it is 'autoimmune' without testing for Candida or E.Coli overgrowth. That is the simple explanation. Treatment. One, eat NO sugar, wheat or citrus. Go on the Atkins diet is the simplest. two, get your Dr to give you an oral course of NYSTATIN. for 14 days. If this works it is certainly Candida. 3)You can get rid on the itch on the hands (and please check your feet) instantly by taking FEXOFENADINE 180mg. If you have no side effects (and remember your gut is porous thanks to Candida, so you are more likely to have a side effect of some sort) take 60mg every 8 hours. This is better than 180mg once a day, even if that is what the manufacturers say you can do. I think this is called allergia in the US and is expensive, cheap in Oz. Since March 4th, an over the counter med in US, always been so in OZ. It is particularly effective for skin rashes, and all the research quotes 'Uricaria' (itchy rash) But it works on a runny nose too, and I guess the makers make more money that way. If this protocol is ineffective, and if the dermatophyte causing it is NOT Candida the symptoms will ease but not go away, you will need Toctino. An expensive retinoid drug. But you must be checked for Bowel Cancer and Ulcerative Colitis first. Both can be secondary to dermatophyte overinfection. A liver function test is a good idea too. Once you get a little better, say after 2 weeks on the Atkins diet (works because Candida need sugar in all it's forms to grow, but Atkins gives you a headache or two because you are suffering glucose withdrawal, and from personal experience, you feel a bit stupid. The brain loves glucose and resents having to use ketones for energy) Annoy the dermatophyte more by taking 10,000 IU of vitamin A every day, 5,000 twice a day in the middle of a meal is less stressful for your liver. It is an allergic reaction, just taking Fexofenadine will show that by negative diagnosis within 12 hours. Please print this out and show it to your doctor. Get him to email me if he wants more information. And go to [email protected] All kinds of info there, including naturopathic protocols which work as well as the drugs if followed exactly. (That is my study: Does the naturopathic protocol work as well as the drug? Answer so far. Yes, and costs only $26 per month.) So print this out, and go to your dr. Get him to google images of dyshidrosis also good photos at dermnet.nz. Do not apply steriod cream to hands, this spreads the rash. (no proof, but lots of circumstantial evidence from patients) Thank you so much for posting.

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