Tell me about home-based business opportunities?

Tell me about home-based business opportunities? Topic: Real business plans
June 27, 2019 / By Harri
Question: Would like to learn about home-based business opportunities that a person can pursue in his spare hours every day. I don't want something that requires investment or having to keep an assistant, I wish to work independently to supplement my income. I am okay with working in front of the PC as well as working outside doing a real job so long as its not too strenuous. Looking for help on ideas. Could do with some extra dollars.
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Eldon Eldon | 2 days ago
That's a great question. There are a lot of opportunities online for people to make a little extra money these days. I personally run a home based business and have done a little of everything under the sun since it was started. You may consider things like working as a virtual assistant for webmasters, running your own blog, freelance work(writing-coding), selling on Ebay.com and so on. None of these options would require any sort of investment to get yourself started. Since you would also be interested in working offline as well, here are some job ideas I have done or come up with in the past: Professional Dog Walker Picking-up and Delivering groceries for elderly House/office cleaning In home computer repair(if you know how) Yard work/mowing/etc. Really, it comes down to your interests. Sit down and figure out what you enjoy doing, and then you can come up with a way to include that into your business plan. For instance, lets say you love selling on Ebay but don't have the money to buy merchandise. You could begin selling unwanted items for neighbors, family and friends to build up a reputation and then open your service to anyone interested. Another example would be, lets say you enjoy working with elderly and disabled people. So you advertise your services in the local newspaper, that says you can deliver groceries, help around the house, read the morning paper to them, run to the store and so on. Now you can accept as many clients as your current schedule will allow for and you are running a home business. Like I said earlier, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination and interests. The other day I found a site that may help you out with some more options. They have got a huge list of 101 Ways to make money online as well as a great list of home business ideas, the links are below. Hopefully all of this helped, good luck on your new ventures.
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Eldon Originally Answered: Starting home-based cheesecake business? Home bakery laws?
even here you have to have a commercial kitchen to be able to make food for sale, and you'd need that kitchen to be inspected, and you'd need a license. How you start a business is by doing your 5-year business plan, determine how much money you have and how much you can afford to spend. Most businesses fail within the first five years and so that's why you need to prepare the plan. It takes 5 years to make a profit so it's not a job...I mean, you can't expect money to just be pouring in because you'd need to use the money that comes in for the rental of that commercial kitchen, for the electricity, for your phone, transportation (gas, insurance, etc), you'd need a business license, and a lot of other things, for another person to answer your phones and you'd need to pay them. I guess you didn't know having a business is not a way to make extra cash. And even little kids lemonade stands get fined if they don't have a business license. Now that you said you plan to be illegal, even if you don't get fined you'll soon find out you won't have any spending money from doing that, if you do the budgeting properly.

Carter Carter
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Allin Allin
I have a home based business. It has been the best business decision I have made and has changed my life and that of my family. I work over the internet and phone. The investment is minimal and I am my own boss. I don't sell, stock or deliver products, neither do I handle other people's money. The company I work with handles all of that for me. What I do is make the contact and open the account. It is the most simple thing I have found and is completely legitimate. The company I work with is recognized by the US BBB and Chamber of Commerce and has been featured many times in the Inc 500 magazine and more as one of the best home based business in our time. What's more is that anyone can do this. You can email me for more information if you want at [email protected]
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Temperance Temperance
Like any business that you would get into, it all depends on your training and what you put into it, no matter what your product or service is. Here's a website that has home business training that can probably help you with your decision and show you how to get off to a fast start and also take 6 months off your learning curve. (Free Membership). http://www.workathomeprofitzone.com/7543... Have an awesome day and God bless! Click on the 'timing' tab and watch the video http://www.mymonavie.com/jolly/
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Ronda Ronda
Hi, I am with AmeriplanUSA, and I just started my home-based business, for minimal investment. It cost 25.00 only up untill March 31st then it will return to 95.00. There is a monthly broker fee of 50.00 but this is just considered overhead. So far I am pleased with the company, you get residual income. I will include some links so you can check it out, if you are interested email me and I will send you some more information. www.FreedomAtHomeTeam.com/ATremer www.MyBenefitsPlus.com/40584094 [email protected]
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Ronda Originally Answered: Is it better if I work at home from home based business online, or 40 hours a week?
I think the best plan is to have a job while you build up your home based business on a part time basis. By keeping your job you can support yourself with the earnings from your job so you can reinvest the profits from your business back into your business to help grow it faster. As your business income grows you can gradually cut back your job to part time and work your business more until you are able to completely replace your income from your job with your business. Be sure to add in the value of any benefits you get from your job like medical insurance that you will have to pay for yourself after you pull the plug on your job. Instead of paying to go back to college, invest the time in educating yourself and get an "on the job" education as you build your business. Read information online, from books, listen to recorded training materials and attend free webinars and conference calls whenever you can. It will take some time and effort, but eventually you will be able to have the freedom to work from anywhere you want to be - live in a remote area where there are no jobs, work the hours you want to work and take a vacation whenever you want to take a vacation.

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