I want to start my own business breeding cats?

I want to start my own business breeding cats? Topic: Things to include in a business plan
July 24, 2019 / By Norberta
Question: I have been seriously, seriously thinking about it, and I really really want to start a business of breeding cats. I say the word cats very lightly, as I would only have a single breeding pair. This would be 'on the side' of my regular job until it became reasonably profitable. (The breed we are leaning towards is either Bengal or Savannah, both very profitable animals.) The problem is this: I'd like to get a small business loan, but I cannot project immediate sales, because not only does the cat gestation period take about 6 weeks, there is no guarantee that the kittens will live, or have health defects, and there is also the possibility of one not selling. (though these cats are rather popular, and they sell for $400-$2000 depending on appearance.) Does anyone have any suggestions about what I could do for financing? I do eventually want to start an actual breeding facility, with more than one mating pair, and possibly an additional breed, but I don't know if I should get ahead of myself. Before anyone yells at me about how there are so many unwanted animals, I should add that all of my present(4) animals are rescues. I'm not cold, I'm just looking towards the future, and trying to share my love of this breed with all the pet owners in my area who would not be able to get these types of cats any other way. Does anyone out there have any information on how to start a breeding business or suggestions on how I could go about this to the bank or the sba?
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Mabelle Mabelle | 2 days ago
Hey Angie, First thing you need to before starting is get some numbers on what the market demand is. Do a search on Google for "Bengal cat" or "Savannah cat" using the quotations, and see how many results come up. Look at the right side of the screen and see if you see any pay per click ads (if you see people advertising, that means people are buying and they're making money, which is good). Do the same search and type the city and state that you live in. (Which means you have to decide if this business will be local or national). Do the same search and type the word 'prices' after it. Check out the top few websites you see that are selling cats and look at their prices, or just call the company and act like an interested customer and ask as many questions as you can. Do the same searches on Ebay and Amazon and craigslist and see what comes up. Do the same search but look at blogs and forum and look for people talking about how much they paid for their cat. If there is a market, people will be talking about it. Think about the 4 P's of business: Planning, Production, Promotion, Placement. How will you produce these cats, feed them, clean them, store them, and keep them healthy until they are sold? How will you promote your business so people know you're the best place to buy these types of cats? How will you get these cats into customers' hands, to their houses? You have to plan all this. If you want funding from a bank, you'll need a business plan which includes your marketing plan, financial projections, decent credit, possibly collateral, previous industry experience. If you're looking for alternative funding, this guide located below will tell you a number of good sources (the guide is free). http://powerbusinessloans.com The most important thing is that you want to know the market you're planning on servicing, so you'll know what your customers want exactly, so you can give it to them. Hope this is helpful.
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Kelli Kelli
How much financing do you really need? Just get a male and a female cat and a Barry White CD and let nature take its course. Maybe get an old TV box or something for the "delivery room". Every week you will have to buy a sack of Meow Mix and some kitty litter. Big deal. But yeah I don't know how you can breed cats while others are being killed in shelters. I guess if they were the right color or whatever they wouldn't have to die.
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Irmgard Irmgard
Well, since you have the drive to start this business, you could start by making a business plan. It´ll help you know exactly how much you need to start, and also how fast will that money return (that´s called return of investment). Your plan should include the following elements: Number of Expected kittens per gestation (live and healthy) Price per kitten Number of expected gestations per year Costs of breeding per gestation (Food, litter, shelter and medical expenses for the parents and the kittens). If you calculate the total costs, you´ll know how much money you´ll need to start. Then you can search for financing. Check out smallbusinessesmanagement.com, they have explanations and even examples of how to do this. Hope it helps!
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