Why does Ric Flair receive a lot of hate for being in TNA?

Why does Ric Flair receive a lot of hate for being in TNA? Topic: How to write a movie script and sell it
June 27, 2019 / By Shelumiel
Question: Please explain your answer BQ- Do you want Kurt Angle to return to the WWE?Yes/No and why BQ2-Does anyone else want Samoa Joe to mainevent?Yes/No
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Norman Norman | 1 day ago
Because a lot of people "got took" and believed his WWE "retirement" angle to be real. It's pro wrestling, people, EVERYTHING is an angle, a storyline. Pro wrestling is a business built on deceit. They do their best (generally) to make us believe that what we see them do is real. That we know they are lying, that is, only "acting" and not really trying to kill each other, made it a bitter pill for those haters to swallow that they did "get took" by Flair and Michaels' performances. That's a testament to the talents and believability of Flair and Michaels that they convinced so many fans, and out of the millions of storylines and angles the WWE has done over the past 30 years, the Flair "retirement" angle is the ONLY one that the fans bought as completely real. Hell, some people even thought the Benoit thing was a storyline. And even today, some people are still convinced the Montreal Screwjob was "scripted". Flair "retired" from the WWE in an angle to help sell Wrestlemania 24. To help sell that angle he even promised he would never wrestle IN A WWE RING again, and he has kept that promise. He never said he was retiring from the wrestling business. The haters overlook that part, or conveniently forget about it, and just bash him for being a "traitor" by going to work for TNA; for "disrespecting" Shawn Michaels (obviously these haters are new fans and don't understand how the wrestling business works; wrestlers are, to make an analogy, actors moving from one TV {or movie} role to another. Flair was written off one series and moved on to play a part in another series; actors do that all the time; so do pro wrestlers. How many times has The Undertaker been killed in the WWF/E? How many times has he come back? Every single time.); and for "lying" to them (the fans, the ones who "got took" and believed the angle to be real). And then there's the ignorant fans who believe anybody over the age of 40 (except for The Undertaker, who gets a free pass for everything) is "washed up". A lot of those haters are this type AND "got took" by the realistic performances from Flair and Michaels. They are the really bitter ones. BQ: No. Kurt's just fine as he is in TNA. Vince would de-claw Angle and water him down (as he did "Daniel Bryan"). Angle works best as an animal who can tear anybody part. TNA lets him be that animal. Vince wouldn't. BQ2: Yes! Joe should be tearing the TNA roster apart and ruling the damn place. Like Stone Cold did in the WWF during the "Attitude Era". Joe is OVER. Why TNA management doesn't put him on top of the roster remains a mystery that makes no sense.
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Kyran Kyran
I don't necessarily hate Ric Flair, but I think he should have stayed retired.WWE gave him the send off of a lifetime, having his career ended by fellow veteran, Shawn Michaels, and the next night on RAW, a HUGE ceremony, with Undertaker posing in front of him.Some people may hate Ric Flair because after all this, he joined another wrestling promotion, some people(WWE Marks) may hate him because he went to TNA, some people may hate him because he should simply retire, but he won't. BQ - Yes, Kurt Angle should go back to WWE for 2 years when he leaves TNA.I bet if Kurt Angle went to WWE, WWE would give him a Shawn Michaels/Undertaker type contract and he would be in the Main Event as well.If Kurt Angle went back to WWE, WWE would be better than it is now. BQ2 - Yes, but I would prefer him to form a Tag Team with AJ Styles.
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Isaac Isaac
I personally don't hate him, but I can see why others do. He went to the company they are in competition with, after they respected and honored him during his whole retirement. But then again, some wrestlers just want to know the "what ifs?" In having a different experience with another company, maybe they'll like it better maybe they won't. BQ: No Kurt Angle should not. And I'm not bashing him or anything, but I remember seeing in interviews after WWE and he seemed a little bit relieved. I don't know personally if he had a hard time being there, but he seemed as if he was glad there was an opportunity to do what he loves, minus the pressure that he was going through in the WWE BQ2: YES I DO.
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Farran Farran
Because WWE gave Flair the send-off of a lifetime, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday night as the only active wrestler to be inducted, wrestled Shawn Micheals on Sunday, and then "retired' on Monday. He swore in front of God and everyone that he was done, and it seemed that he promised Shawn Micheals and Triple H (his proteges) that he wouldn't wrestle anymore. When he turned up in TNA it was a slap in the face to the WWE, Shawn Micheals, Triple H, and al of the fans. BQ: It doesn't really matter to me, I'm not a huge fan of his... But, I will say that he wouldn't be appreciated in WWE now as he was before. However, there could be a lot of great matches between him and Swagger! BQ2: Yes! I'm a fan of Samoa Joe, he's been reduced down so much from where he was, and he's got the potential to be big again. Joe's got charisma, talent, and even mic skills!
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Curt Curt
If im straightforward, i dont extremely like flair all that a lot, yet i imagine in TNA he's doing a serious function or maybe regardless of the actuality that hes lost know for identifying to purchase in the hoop again after retiring hes surely received a number of mine for his function in TNA hes there making stars in a fashion, i comprehend AJ grow to be already a huge star in TNA yet associating him with flair with information from his facet did probable do alot for him, flairs getting enthusiastic about storylines that help youthful expertise and he in simple terms infrequently receives in the hoop jay deadly wasnt extremely that huge of a star earlier his modern-day storyline(even regardless of the actuality that he's proficient) yet now hes were given a submission victory over a 16 time international champion and legend in the agency, even regardless of the actuality that flairs no longer at his ideal anymore hes nonetheless were on condition that victory its no longer extremely what he's bodily doig yet more advantageous what his call and legend are doing hes giving his credibility and call to TNA to help them make stars
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