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Copyrighting my work!? Topic: How to write a registration form
June 27, 2019 / By Kimberlyn
Question: I love me graphics in photoshop and illustrator, but the thing is so many people think they're cool is so many people take my ideas / work. So what's a good legal way to copyright something without going through a bunch of legal, or payments for money for things and paying for lawyer? Any ideas, thanks, best answer them point :-)
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Janessa Janessa | 2 days ago
Like others have said once you create something it is copyrighted to you. Watermarks are a excellent way to deter unauthorized use. Getting a offical government copyright is fairly simple and you dont need a lawyer or a bunch of legal stuff. You can submit them to the copyright office online and just pay their fee (starts at $35 depending on how to file). The application is pretty easy to fill out. It just asks simple info like your name, address, title of the work, description etc. You can file multiple works as a collection provided certain criteria are met. So you could batch all your work and pay one $35 fee, file online and your offically copyrighted with documentation for that work. see below: Unpublished Collections Under the following conditions, a work may be registered in unpublished form as a “collection,” with one application form and one fee: • The elements of the collection are assembled in an orderly form; • The combined elements bear a single title identifying the collection as a whole; • The copyright claimant in all the elements and in the collection as a whole is the same; and • All the elements are by the same author, or, if they are by different authors, at least one of the authors has contributed copyrightable authorship to each element. note: A Library of Congress Control Number is different from a copyright registration number. The Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Division of the Library of Congress is responsible for assigning LC Control Numbers and is operationally separate from the Copyright Office. A book may be registered in or deposited with the Copyright Office but not necessarily cataloged and added to the Library’s collections. For information about obtaining an LC Control Number, see the following website: http://pcn.loc.gov/pcn. For information on International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN), write to: ISBN, R.R. Bowker, 630 Central Ave., New Providence, NJ 07974. Call (800) 269-5372. For further information and to apply online, see www.isbn.org. For information on International Standard Serial Numbering (ISSN), write to: Library of Congress, National Serials Data Program, Serial Record Division, Washington, DC 20540-4160. Call (202) 707-6452. Or obtain information from www.loc.gov/issn. An unpublished collection is not indexed under the individual titles of the contents but under the title of the collection.
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Janessa Originally Answered: How does the "copyrighting something by mailing it to yourself" work?
allegedly it proves the date you came up with an idea - that is if the letter is in there - and the postal service gives a clean date mark - front and back to seal the letter - do not know if it will hold up in court and do not open the letter

Eryn Eryn
No they are no longer secure via copyright and that they are in a position to't be secure via copyright via you or all and sundry else. no one owns those symbols however their style and meaning is roofed via international criminal treaties. there is not any such ingredient as 'copyrighting' something. that's a meaningless expression and exhibits an entire fake effect of the suggestions. Copyright (actually the main suitable to repeat) applies to all ingenious and ingenious works (taken to contain application code), even with its benefit, from the 2nd the artwork is created. No extra action is needed for the main suitable to exist and there is not any fee in touch. the main suitable belongs to the writer of the artwork however, as with the different components maximum suitable, that's offered, assigned or approved. Copyright applies whether you do no longer use the copyright image or use the word 'copyright'. even with that, that's a sturdy concept to apply a suitable copyright word (interior the style "Copyright, the call of the main suitable holder and the three hundred and sixty 5 days') because it serves to remind different people who they can't replica your ingenious artwork .... yet it would not seem to offer up people copying track, application or video clips.
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Clarabelle Clarabelle
Anything you make is already copyrighted to you... if you want a government record of it (sort of like a patent) then you have to pay. When you put something on the internet, I suggest telling people that it's illegal to use it without your permission. You can sue them for it, and if you say that you will, they'll be less likely to steal your work. Also, a watermark would work, though there are ways to remove it.
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Barbie Barbie
http://www.copyright.gov First, read up and understand what copyright means. After you understand that, you will realize that you shouldn't be asking how to copyright something. Your concern is how to PROTECT artwork from being stolen. A copyright on a piece, even if registered, will not prevent anyone from taking it anymore than registering your car will prevent someone from stealing it.
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Adelaide Adelaide
Put a watermark on them, so even if people do take them it will have your name or symbol or whatever on them.
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Adelaide Originally Answered: *How would I go about Copyrighting my songs?*?
If you can prove you wrote the song you are entitled to royalties but unless the song is copyrighted it is difficult to prove that you wrote the song. Go to http://www.copyright.gov/ for information on filing a copyright.

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